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Medex Foundation Incorporated

The Goal: > Bringing people to Jesus > Reuniting families > Helping the poor > Eradicating Poverty Tax ID 51-0618619


The year was 1985. Like many other young Mexican men, Miguel Zapata illegally crossed the border into the US and found work in Los Angeles. His life was not easy and he was soon buried in a subculture of questionable morality. In the years that followed, he came to have a personal relationship with Jesus through the influence of a friend. His life was profoundly changed. He subsequently attended a seminary and became an ordained pastor. Because he had entered the US illegally, he knew his duty was to return to Mexico.

After his return in August, 1990, Pastor Miguel worked with the Mexican church. He has a special gift, the gift of evangelism, the ability to bring others to Christ.

He subsequently married, has two daughters and settled in the small Mexican barrio of Ixtapa, on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta.

Six years ago, we had the opportunity to listen to Pastor Miguel’s sermon at the Baptist Church in Puerto Vallarta. Before us was a humble and reverent man who delivered a compelling message that has touched the hearts of everyone there. Miguel continued to serve the Baptist church as a guest preacher for the next four years.

Two years ago, we became aware that Pastor Miguel had no food to feed his family and was barely able to pay his bills. He was considering abandoning his ministry and finding work in order to survive. We knew that something had to be done to help Miguel and his family.

This is where we knew we needed to get involved. Our nonprofit corporation, Medex Foundation, was the ideal way for others to provide tax deductible gifts to support Pastor Miguel and expand his ministry.

We began with $50 per month in contributions. Two years later, with the help of a dozen contributors, we are able to give Miguel about $325 per month. Thanks to Pastor Rich Lee (a missionary pastor in Puerto Vallarta), Pastor Miguel was invited to become a staff member of “Roca Fuerte” church (the Strong Rock). Under his leadership, the membership has grown from just a few to over one hundred. Miguel receives about $240 per month for his work at this church. It’s not yet enough for Pastor Miguel to pay his bills, but we hope to be able to double his stipend within the next few months.

Pastor Miguel is doing miraculous things for the Mexican community.

Families that were torn apart by alcoholism, domestic violence and abuse, are being made whole through his work. His gift of evangelism is bringing many people to the Lord.

However, this is not the end of the story. There is so much more work to do. For example, Miguel’s modest home needs to be completed. In the summer monsoon season, he has to deal with water that pours into his house through window openings, porous walls, open shafts and other places. This is the first year that some very generous people provided beds for his family. Before that, they were sleeping on the floor or on Styrofoam blocks.

In addition, the ministry desperately needs funds to operate and expand. We are witnesses to Miguel’s ability to not only bring people to Christ and heal families, but to his ability to train others to do this work. Imagine the impact on individuals and families if this ministry could be spread to all of Mexico.

This is a mission that we invite you to become a part of. Together we can accomplish what is impossible to do alone. Our goal for this year, is to gift this ministry with $15,000 and grow a vibrant and supportive community. Please join with us in making this a reality.