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CROWDRISE : Dec 31, 2015
Tax ID: 46-3754868
BASED: Los Angeles, CA, United States


Media Done Responsibly

Help children from every community see images of their humanity depicted in the *13 hours of media they consume daily.

Media Done Responsibly is a mentor and leadership development organization. It trains student innovators to be conscious consumers, creators and advocates of media that reflects their full humanity. 


Adult content, violent and sexualized material, and often traumatizing and biased news reporting, are readily accessible to children and teens through traditional media (television, radio, film, and music) and new media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other on-demand digital content).  The accessibility and exposure to this material impacts youth identities, relationships, and sense of power and worth in society.


MDR trains college students to be Media Literacy Mentors for High School and Middle School students. Our trained peer mentors help youth to interrupt the challenges of bullying, racial profiling and discrimination, premature and dangerous sexual behaviors, and violence, which are often normalized in today's media. Because of our donors, we have trained 250+ mentors in the past 3 years and they've provided over 1900 volunteer hours.  We impacted 5000 youth in Los Angeles County resulting in a 100% reduction in cyber bullying, and 100% increase in media literacy awareness for participants.


Our goal is to increase the resources we provide to local schools in order to impact 10,000 new youth in the next 5 years. Your tax-deductible donation to our program will help us reach this goal!


*Kaiser Family Foundation study shows Black and Latino youth consume approx 13 hours a day of entertainment media. 

Tax ID: 46-3754868 •


#Giving Tuesday with Media Done Responsibly

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Beach Sunset Awards Honoring Humanity-Centered Media Makers

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