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Medical Breast Lupectomy

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Had already earned a half n more of the rest of the needed amount, and it will take another 4 years to get the $3270 amount, so I would like people to give me raise funds in achieving this amount. to complete for the medical expenses, pills , bandages and other miscelleanous that I need to udergo to have the treatment done this year now, Ill be getting a breast mammogram,biopsy ,surgery , since i have so many lumps,bumps in my breast , a mamogram performed and MRI to detect if its in reallty a high case now, last time checked ,it was fibroadenoma,the many bumps have grown now, and last time had shown abnormal biopsy results and now it has cause my boobs to change shape, so i am worried about cancer ,but i couldnt cash out anymore than checkup to biopsy that time and my parents didnt take it seriously and thought i was joking, since we had no family trace of having that condition now would my dad ever loan money from anyone because of the reputation he is so prideful with. to never owe money from anyone.., the lamp and buumps are bothering now, i need it removed this year since it has grown so that it will finally go away,doctor said lupectomy .they suggested that,which cause $7000 , send to paypal to edward sy


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