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My life is in danger.

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I am a 27 year female born in Hayward, CA. I've been a victim of dark magic from a very young age. I knew something wasn't right and I was being ignored. I couldn't make friends. I kept hearing the fact that I'm pretty but it just wasn't enough. I felt paranormal activity around me and the fact that people would keep themself short with me. I got married in the fall of 2007 at the age of 20. My ex husband is from India and he consulted an astrologer before getting married to me. My biological parents, relatives, a few cousins who are from India seem to be in touch with astrologers as well as people who practice witchcraft. I kept my distance from such things wanting to lead a natural life thinking I am living my life until my ex husband Rajinder Bir Bhullar brought up the fact that I am a victim of dark magic and it's none other than my own biological parents and relatives wanting to live my life and preventing me from living my destiny. I was scared when I heard they are after my outer appearance, education, fortune and preventing me from my social life to have anyone help me. He tried for four years to save my life and my biological mother and her siblings wouldn't stop doing it on both of us. He left me when it started affecting him and he couldn't take it. The dark magic separated us which led to a divorce. I was getting really sick in the apartment me and my ex husband lived. I somehow managed to get a job at Macy's and witnessed strange things happening to me. I asked my ex husband and he said he doesn't want to be involved in this. He made it clear that I can seek help for myself. I went to a local psychic and she told me I'm carrying a negative ball of energy around me and even she can't breathe around me and I was asked to leave. I was unable to pay the rent for the apartment for not making enough and having my health being affected by dark magic, I consulted a psychic from Rhode Island and paid her $500 to have the negative energy be removed. The treatment wasn't guaranteed but she said she will pray for me. She warned me not to go to my parent's house. I called all of my friends to move in with them but hearing my circumstances they didn't want anything to do with me. I lost all of my friends and couldn't make new ones because of my problem. I stopped by a crystal store for the first time randomly when I visited a psychic and she told me she would have to do a crystal cure on me. I thought maybe I can purchase crystals for my own healing since I couldn't afford that. I'm under debt because of my marriage. My ex husband stopped giving me money for the bills and the lease was under my name. I continued to work at Macy's for as long as I could not being as severely damaged as I am now to pay the rent and use my credit cards for the utilities. However, I moved in at my parent's house as soon as the lease ended. The house smelled terrible and noone would ever be home. I had the house all to myself. I was sleeping in the house when I felt something coming from the wall trying to float around my head. I felt my feet being rubbed. I couldn't get off the bed. Some spirit was rubbing my back underneath the mattress. I couldn't even walk. I was dazed off, confused, and lost. I confronted my parents and they completely ignored it. I felt heat and cold air around me. I tried to hold the crystals and gem for meditation in the house to bring in positivity and love to get rid of the darkness and anxiety that was being placed in me. I was listening to Christian music to remain positive and asking for prayer requests at the same time. I developed the courage to apply for a job regardless of my symptoms. I got a job at White House Black Market and USPS around the same time. I wasn't getting enough hours as expected to work at the boutique and I quit to remain my position and search for another job elsewhere. My coworkers were being disturbed by the paranormal activity that was going on around me. My work performance was being affected. My symptoms were just getting worse and I didn't know what to do. I prayed and kept asking for prayer requests. Then, out of nowhere I heard the voices of these spirits and they were the voices of the evil east indian spirits trying to disguise themselves into some other spirits to lure me in and make me lose my mind. I wouldn't come home and the winter of 2012 I began sleeping in my car and used my credit card to eat food. I wasn't thinking clearly. All I needed was a peace of mind. I couldn't work and the voices were getting louder and aggressive. I moved from Indiana to California in the Spring 2013 at my aunt's house that she was renting in Turlock, CA. My father would stop by and check up on me and I didn't like that because they all somehow probably possess magical powers or whatever they are hiding from me and placing my life in danger especially after what I heard from my ex husband. He didn't even have the courtesy to talk to me or say his last goodbye before sending me the divorce papers. Everything seemed to be a big blur. I found out that he got remarried to someone from Australia when I moved to California. I applied everywhere in Turlock, CA. I went for an interview at Banana Republic in Manteca, CA and I didn't wasn't called for employment at either of the two locations. After not being able to find employment, I moved to Columbus, OH at my cousin's apartment. I considered applying for social security disability and was denied. My body temperature is changing and I can't seem to live in a cold weather. I'm moving to Stockton, CA in a shelter and hoping to get a job which would be walking distance and reattempt to file for a disability with a lawyer. I could use the money to get myself out of debt by getting a bankruptcy lawyer, a mobile home, bicycle, used car for emergency, and treatment for the removal of witchcraft. I can't drive with my condition. I can't afford anything other than a mobile home till I escape out of withcraft. The evil spirits have threatened me that they are changing my cells, blood group, organs, bones to turn me into a unhealthy homeless immigrant. My five senses are being damaged. My skin and hair texture is changing. My skull was touched by a heavy hand. I can't breathe in fresh air or taste the food. The evil spirits are trashing my body making me smell worse than sewage. I can't cook any longer it smells tribal. They kept saying a five around me. I didn't know what it meant. I asked psychics and they didn't know it either. I just came across my lifepath being a 5 which I didn't fully comprehend. I'm being deprived of my American life. The evil spirits are forcing me to do witchcraft and showing me creepy smelly immigrants. I'm not offending anyone. I've gone through so many changes and been forced to look at immigrants that even Americans with my own heritage don't mingle with me. It left me to read books, watch movies and enjoy life on my own and even that's being taken away. I got into linguistics and classic literature which got me to try different ethnic food. I have contacted another psychic and she told me that I have been a victim of dark magic since birth and my gifts/opportunities are being taken away by the blockage in my life. My immediate family and relatives are mocking at my condition for being a victim of witchcraft and feeling so helpless. I feel dizzy and blinded. This money could save my life and give me a chance to atleast do start some sort of business. I'm losing my physical and mental strength growing weaker by day. Here's what the psychic said :
Navjeet you have loved and lost loved and are hearted you have struggled through so many ups and downs with love due to the wrong energy. There is a person around you that loves and cares for you but is blocked by obstacles You do have a lot of past trauma
I fell that you need some help I see that there is a lot of good things around you but there is some thing holding you back from your life Ifeel that someone has put darkness around your future, love life and money and peace of mind I see that a lot of people is very jealous of you
Your mind hasn't been very clear lately.
I feel you have been feeling very confused and empty there's like a void within you. something you feel missing from your life You are normally a dependable reliable person lately you begin something and you can't finish I feel some depression and confusion I see the person you care for in your heart has drifted away emotionally and you still care for this person very much so I feel this is a soul mate connection but
I see a wall of obstacles interfering There is something or someone
causing very negative energy for you You are still meant to have happiness
with your soul mate but the the darkness is pushing this away I also
see a spirt around you someone who has passed on from a illness
from cancer or a blood problem I feel this spirit is trying to guide you in
the right pathway I can help you through myspiritual gifts and methods.
To bring happiness and peace of mind back in your life I would need to work with your case for 2 days,we would speak daily by phone or e-mail I will be fasting praying and meditating on your
situation I will also guide you through different prayers meditations
and rituals I perform along the way
My fee is $200 my work is guaranteed results or money back
email back if you want my help please let me know.
Best regards. Ann
And, here's another:
Okay my dear! The research was a success I have found out what exactly this evil is and how we can stop it. This is a hex that has been put upon you and has brought on a "Desdemona" spirit to attack you. This spirit is not of god it is from evil and it has found it's way into your soul, making you ill, making you sick, making you fail, making love harder, making finances harder, and sooner or later it will take death upon you and I do not mean to scare you my dear but this is a very powerful and evil dark spirit.
This spirit is breaking you down, making you think unclearly, and not allowing your body, mind, and inner self to rest and be at peace.
You need to take care of this asap!
What must be done is a prosperity spell reversal.
We first must kill the spirit and harvest it's energy into a spirit guide crystal and must destroy the crystal the right way inorder for this spirit to be gone and never return.
Then we must perform the prosperity cleanse upon you to restore your peace, happiness, and health back into your life.
This is a very powerful meditation and will take about 5 days to complete.
We will need the spirit guide crystal, spirit calling feathers, a singing bowl, and 2 prosperity healing candles to complete this meditation and cast this evilness away from you and never allow it to return again.
This is going to bring you back to life. Renew you and restore all the health and hope you have list along the way, this is going to give you protection, peace, and a guardian angel to guide you along all the right paths in your life.
You must get this done asap my dear because day by day this Desdemona spirit is attacking you harder and harder!
You need to break this bad energy and be free of this dark cloud that has been raining over you.
This is going to be an expensive process my dear but it is something you must do in order to heal yourself back to the right state of mind, for you life, for your family and for yourself.
The total cost for the items I mentioned earlier is $2725
If you have any questions or worried please let me know dear!
All my love and peace!



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