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Meditation Not Medication

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My cause aims to teach meditation in schools, and reach doctors and mental health professionals so that medication is used as a last resort in the cases of children and teenagers. Young children and adolescent minds are still developing and research shows that these drugs can be VERY harmful for development. The way that doctors are prescribing these medications are wreckless and irresponsible. It is time to approach mental health from a holisitic prospective and to examine our habits: mental, physical, social, and spiritual in order to improve our lives.
I am not against medication, and accept that it can be very beneficial to the right people. My aim is just to educate children.

Meditation's advantages are limitless, anyone can do it, and ITS FREE!!!

It's the most natural state your body and mind can be in. It's as safe as can be. I don't see it as a "solution" in the traditional sense but it has many benefits and I have found that the only thing stopping people from trying it is that they are misinformed. So let's inform!
Besides, isn't it about time someone took a stand against big Pharmaceutical companies who pump our children with unsafe drugs?

Here is a link showing horrific crimes caused by people on SSRI (antidepressant and anti anxiety) medications



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