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Luke's Lion Heart

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EVENT: 4th Annual ROAR & Walk for Little Hearts

EVENT DATE: May 15, 2016

Dominique Ordinario


Melanie Toth wrote -

We are excited to ROAR & Walk for the 4th year with Team Luke's Lion Heart!

Before Luke was even born he was fighting and was kicking CHD butt. We want you to walk for Luke while raising awareness and funds to help other CHD warriors just like Luke. No donation is too small so please consider walking with us and donating.

Luke's Journey:

On October 3rd, 2008 our heart hero was born. We were fortunate to know before Luke's birth about his congenital heart defect- Tetralogy of Fallot. At just a week old, Luke had a BT Shunt placed in his heart spending the first 23 days of life at Advocate Children's Park Ridge. At 9 month's old Luke underwent his first heart surgery to correct his defected heart. Luke's surgery was on Wednesday and by Saturday afternoon, we were home. We could not believe how amazingly well Luke did after his first 2 surgeries.

For nearly 4.5 years Luke strived as a "normal" child with regular 6-12 month visits with cardiologist.

On Sunday September 8th, 2013 Luke was admitted with severe dehydration due to stomach flu. Upon arriving at the PICU it was determined his kidneys, liver, heart & muscles were completely shut down due to the severe dehydration. The medical staff immediately started re-hydrating him with an array of fluids. Luke was showing improvement the next day and looked like he was on the road to recovery. The staff did an echo cardiogram also to look at the function of his heart. The results showed no abnormalities at all.

The next day, they did the same thing but added a chest x-ray. That x-ray came back perfect.

The third day, Luke's good health started to take a turn for the worse. Same as day before, they performed echo & x-ray but this time the chest x-ray showed his lungs filled with fluid.

The tech that came in to do the echo was doing his testing which is 99% of the time done the same way every time to test the inner workings and functionality of the heart but on the day, the tech who was administering the test started looking at the outside of Luke's heart first on accident! When he did this which keep in mind is NEVER done the doctor saw a spot that was never seen on any of the previous echoes. That including Luke's many echoes after his heart repair. This led his doctor to order the CT scan to determine what the spot was. They were certain it was a blood clot due to it just randomly showing up.

The CT scan tests showed that Luke's left pulmonary artery at some point had completely closed and was not supplying his left lung with blood flow. The doctors were astonished at this finding since all of Luke's heart repairs took place on his right side! So after the repair when he was 9 months old they never needed to look at the left side again.

Now it all made sense. When the team was hydrating Luke they had no idea of this and we're giving him fluid thinking both pulmonary arteries were in working order. By doing this they were essentially drowning him because all the fluid was going to 1 lung instead of 2.

This is what caused him to almost lose his life on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013. Wednesday morning, while doctors tried to intubate Luke he coded because the fluid in his body had nowhere to go and was trying to rush out.

Without the last echo test essentially making a "mistake" this never would have been detected, we still would be at square one.

Luke's body has been running on one lung for who knows how long and will continue do so and that is 100% ok per his heart doctor.

The part that gives us the most chills when his cardiologist told us, “I always knew Luke was a special boy, but this diagnosis happened on accident. He showed us something that we have never seen before with the heart. We didn't know a working artery would close itself off to protect the body. Now that we know this we can look for it, and your son without a doubt will save hundreds if not THOUSANDS of lives. "

Since this day, Luke's case has been in many research studies about the heart to help other heart patients.

We share Luke's journey in hopes of helping other CHD families and spreading much needed CHD awareness!

Our family was asked to do an Inspiring Kids Documentary at the wonderful Advocate Children's Hospital that has saved our Luke. We are so thankful to the amazing doctors and nurses at Advocate for their love and support.

This is our wonderful medical staff!


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