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Melina Pagliuzza

Melina Pagliuzza
Pasadena, CA United States
Stuff About Me:

I am a Chicago native excited for the chance to go to Washington DC for the first time in my life!

I'm passionate about social change for societal good. 

I am an activist. I'm interested in helping other activists take action, to change the world for better.

I am a huge proponent of education. I spend my free time developing my awareness in many areas, such as global and local socio-political history, emotional health, wellness, and beyond. I consider these to be topics that were not well highlighted in my standard education. And I find that problematic. 

My approach has a broad base. I identify as a third-culture kid -that is, of mixed cultural heritage, not just one. This helps me not take the world as I see it for granted, but ask the question, "is there another way to understand this that I don't immediately see?" Conversations are my favorite mode of learning. Talk to me.

One of the deepest areas of my passion is racial inequality and the pursuit of racial justice. This is not a popular pursuit (well, it may be in trend this year, but overall not). This hits home for me. I want to make change here.

I also live promoting sustainable fashion. I organize and host quarterly clothing swaps with my friends and their friends. I am a dedicated thrifter and I will always be, until the fashion industry gets right and pays fair wages for the clothes in our stores. 

I am an advocate for gender equality. I grew up in a home with a breadwinning mama. She didn't ask how she, as a woman, could carry our household. She worked hard and she did it. I don't accept the pull to limit myself or watch other women limited by the perception that we're worth less, worth getting paid less, or cannot produce brilliant and lasting impact in this world. Watch out, here I come world.

I recently started a job as a marketing coordinator for a small consulting firm. As someone "pro-social-good" why do I work in corporate America? I am invested, hoping to learn every single thing that I can. Why? Because I asked myself this: What connects us most across the globe? What has the reach and impact of business and commerce? I believe business can play a massive role in bringing social change for good in this world. And I balance with that the understanding that a focus on profit is not the method to doing good in this world.

That's why why I'm invested in corporate social responsibility and social enterprise. The plan is to one day soon become a social entrepreneur, opening shop in Chicago. Only my first idea of a few, I want to create a successful business whose profit will contribute to a wellness center, a place to help serve the emotional health and well-being needs of under-resourced communities here. This is a need for every human, not just in these communities. These humans are my particular concern because growing up, I've seen a city full of people that need empowerment and freedom. I've tasted that and I want to share it.

Your support means everything to me in my endeavor to connect with the tools and a network that can equip me for these dreams. THANK YOU for stopping by this page and THANK YOU for any and every form of support you send my way. Your prayers are priceless. THANK YOU.


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