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Melissa & Philip's Charity Wedding Registry

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EVENT DATE: Apr 27, 2018


Greetings Friends and Family!

We set up this site as a way to give back. We don't really need any gifts for our wedding, because come April we will be receiving the best gifts we can ask for, our union while surrounded by all our loved ones.

There are plenty of other people in the world though who do need help. Below are a few of our favorite charities.

After rescuing our beloved 10 year old, Bailey, from the pound, Philip and I have since learned more about the beagle breed. We learned that they are ruled by their noses, impossible to take for a nice evening stroll, flatulent, and relentless when it comes to the smell of a nice steak, even hours after prepared and consumed. But, they are also incredibly sweet, loving, soft, playful and would never, ever think to bite. It's for these later reasons that companies often use beagles to experiment on. They are purchased as babies and raised without ever seeing grass or the sun. They are hooked up to machines and used to inhale cigarette smoke or fed other chemicals. They suffer for years without ever knowing love.

The Beagle Freedom Project goes out to these horrible places and negotiates their release and rehabilitates them to eventually find their furever homes with people who would never hurt them again. 

They are on Facebook where you can see them in action and view some of their life changing videos!

Our other charity is one I feel very strong about. I'm sure most of you know that I love dolphins. When I was a small child (maybe 5) I followed the Miami Dolphins on TV, not for the football, for the dolphin! I even wrote to Dan Marino once (never wrote me back bastard) because I thought he was the Dolphin King. I guess in a way he was, but I digress....

Truth is that every year between September and March, hundreds of dolphins and whales are slaughtered for their meat in Japan. They say it's their culture, but we know this "cultural tradition" didn't start until 1969. It's a lie they use to cover up the real fact that they want to use captured dolphins and dolphin meat as a means of economic gain. 


I can't say too much about it without getting angry, but I encourage you all to please take a look at them as well either on Facebook or the web! Or, if you're strong enough, check out the award winning documentary, The Cove!

We love you all and we hope that instead of giving us gifts, you give to those in need!??❤



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Melissa & Philip's Charity Wedding Registry's Photo


Melissa & Philip's Charity Wedding Registry's Photo

Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project...

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