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The MEMa studio is committed to exposing underserved youth to a music and film production arts education in a recording and postproduction studio on wheels housing state-of-the-art music and film technology.

Our goal is to travel throughout the United States, and into Canada, operating a program designed to provide aspiring musicians, students interested in filmmaking, photography, sound recording engineering, and postproduction (video and sound) arts with a unique educational experience. With the help of professional sound and video engineers, recording artists and producers in the film and music industries we will provide an arts education that will have a measured positive impact on the lives of the youth. All of this will take place on board the MEMa studio.

The MEMa Studio is an Arts & Media-related community service project that gets industry professionals to conduct video/music production and career success skills workshops for underserved youth on a truck containing a fully furnished studio with state-of-the-art video and audio equipment. Students will then apply what they've learned in the workshops to produce and sell their music and/or video projects at various business expos, showcases, or local vendors, and performing arts centers. The truck will be on site 1-3 days while we operate the program. At the end of the program they will walk away with a CD/DVD of their work completed.

The MEMa studio will travel 10 months out of the year, January through October traveling throughout the United States and Canada, with a primary focus on

1. underserved school districts
2. underserved neighborhoods
3. trade shows
4. music awards shows

Why We're Doing It:

- because research has proven the academic and socio-economic benefits of arts education in the lives of youth:

Arts Education teaches children life skills such as:

- developing an informed perception, articulating a vision
- learning to solve problems and make decisions
- building self-confidence and self-discipline
- developing the ability to imagine what might be
- and accepting responsibility to complete tasks from start to finish

Please help us realize our vision of building this recording/postproduction studio on wheels. If you're here, you already understand that all donations are tax deductible. Thank you, for your support!