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Mens Wear Incorporated

Our mission is to re-invent the positive professional male image by providing interview appropriate clothing and assistance to young adult males seeking employment. In partnership with the National Retail Federation Foundation, we offer a credentialed retail training program to cultivate professional careers in the retail industry. Tax ID 20-0949321


Founded in 2004, M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc. (Making Employment the Next Step) is a Georgia-based 501(c)3 not-for-profit Service Provider agency. The mission of M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc. is to serve as a resource & training center for young adult males.  We seek to re-invent the positive professional male image for those who are actively seeking self-sufficiency for career advancement. M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc. partners with Governmental Agencies, Educational Institutions, Private Businesses, and Non-Governmental Organizations to provide Personal/Social Adjustment Training and Professional Wardrobe Clothing Services to “bridge the gap” in workforce development.  It is the goal of M.E.N.S. Wear, Inc., a Social Enterprise, to empower individuals with becoming (1) confident, positive employees, (2) pioneers in building stronger communities, and (3) major contributors to the U.S. economy.

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Empowering Males.  Strengthening Families.