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mercedes & Ruth's Charity Wedding Registry

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EVENT DATE: Jul 27, 2014


AS our Wedding Day approaches we would like to raise $20,000.00 for a great cause in the City of Camen The Camden Rescue mission is located in south camden the worst city in the world due to crime and drug but in the same city their are many innocent children that live, and go to school in this city. At the Camden Rescue Mission we give them hope to be able to survive by giving them clothing, shelter, food, a place to dwell when no one is home, a friend to play with and a place to be a child a play safely.  I was one of those children 25 years ago but I saw everything from the inside I saw children come in feeling and looking hungry with little to ne clothes on and I saw REv. Al & Mercedes Stewrt care for them and nuture them some have grown up to be respectable people in the society but others have fallen to the wrong way of living we need to help this Mission with their plight of loving and caring for each child in Camden regardless of race, creed or nationality.  We pray you all will help us with this special gift of life and love

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