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Mercy & Sharing

Mercy & Sharing
CROWDRISE : Jul 30, 2010
Tax ID: 84-1323007
BASED: Aspen, CO, United States


Mercy & Sharing

Serving the least, the lost and the left-behind so they won't be!

Mercy & Sharing is a U.S. based non-profit organization involved in humanitarian and outreach projects to the poorest of the poor and the youngest of the young. We know that the test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children. Mercy & Sharing’s projects seek to be a part of the positive response Haiti.

• Mercy & Sharing Village that houses 126 Orphans, which includes 62 developmentally & or disabled children. Mercy & Sharing is a leader in providing therapy to disabled children in Haiti.  The goal is to maximize the potential of each child in the program to gain more independence and confidence. Haiti Social Services (IBESR) continually asks Mercy & Sharing to take in more abandoned, disabled children than we have capacity to accommodate. 
• At Mercy & Sharing Village Learning Academy, an excellent school that blends both our precious children who are orphans’ with the 220 other precious children from the area. Because most of these children have little or no nutrition at home, Mercy & Sharing serves a hot, nutritious meal each day to enhance the student’s ability to concentrate and learn.
• Sixteen widows with monthly food, medical, clothing and rent.
• Technical & Trade School at Mercy & Sharing Village
• Five nutrition programs serving over 603,725 meals per year, three other schools with over 900 students in pre-school through secondary education,
• Community well that has a daily capacity of 10,000 gallons. 
• Also employs 222 Haitians.

Funding then is the lynchpin! We can only do this together as stakeholders. Will you be part of that lynchpin that is on the front lines of bringing solutions to abandonment, despair, illiteracy, illness and poverty in Haiti? Our overarching objective is to expand care to more children around the country of Haiti and to ensure sustainability of services for abandoned and disabled children, be part of building a sustainable future…build a legacy of hope!

Tax ID: 84-1323007 •


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