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Methodist Children's Home Society (MCHS) has been providing 100 years of residential care and treatment, foster care, and adoption placement for more than 100 children annually who come from a background of abuse and neglect. Tax ID 38-1240951


Founded in 1917, MCHS provides hope, love and safety to Michigan's most vulnerable children through a multitude of programs and services for children & families throughout southeast Michigan.


Whether you’re volunteering in our school, collecting pillows and blankets to keep our kids cozy at night, or sponsoring a child’s first real birthday party they have ever had, your gift truly matters!


Your gifts sponsor therapeutic services our kids deserve to overcome their past and learn that it does not define their future. You’re allowing us to train and support hundreds of foster parents who are committed to being our partners in providing safety and security to some of our state’s most fragile children. Your gifts provide our kids the opportunity to finally start their childhood after struggling in a life where they were forced to grow up too fast.


Our reality is that the state provides 2/3 of the basic costs to take care of a child. This does not include what it costs us to provide the "extras" that make a child's life special. This is why we need you.


Your donation can ensure a child's birthday present, his first swim lesson, his halloween costume, or his new pair of shoes for school. It also may help a child read his first book, learn to ride a bike, or even help find his forever family. Every dollar counts. 

We’re helping our kids achieve academic success, find self-worth and learn life skills to make sure their futures are bright, and, for that, we thank you!


Methodist Children's Home Society is a non-denominational, non-sectarian, nonprofit agency that provides safe havens through foster care, finds forever families through adoption, and raises responsible young men.