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The Metro Warriors Youth Organization (MWYO) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable and community civic organization founded and based in Washington, DC, Ward 5. Our organization currently services youth in the District of Columbia and surrounding areas.
The goal of MWYO is to enhance the lives of youth by eliminating youth violence, stimulating self-esteem and preventing youth delinquency. Our goal is achieved through implementation of mentoring, educational and supporting athletic programs.
Our youth, under the umbrella of our Warriors Cares Programs, have been engaged in activities that increase their awareness of issues that impact society, including but not limited to youth violence (via anti-gang initiatives), homelessness, heart disease awareness and prevention, breast cancer awareness,
economic empowerment, and financial responsibility.

Under the Warrior Cares Program we provide the following services:
NSBE Jr. Chapter (National Society of Black Engineers)
S.T.E.M Education (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
Youth Leadership and Development
Literacy through Reading “WAR”
Public Speaking “Toast Masters Jr.”
Health and Wellness Education
Childhood Obesity Programs
Heart Disease Prevention in Youth and Athletics
Breast Cancer Awareness
Economic Empowerment through training of youth in financial planning and wealth and entrepreneurship and business development
Anti Youth Violence and Delinquency
Gangs and Violence Street Team
Some youth deal with unfortunate reality of life or death. MWYO intervenes and interacts with at-risk youth teaching them skills