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CROWDRISE : Jul 03, 2012
Tax ID: 38-3033329
BASED: Grand Rapids, MI, United States


The Metro Way

The Metro Health Hospital Foundation inspires philanthropic support for Metro Health Hospital to provide for the health and well-being of our community.  In order to accomplish this work, the Foundation engages in a broad range of fundraising activities, serves as a fiscal agent and custodian of all charitable gifts received, and funds specific requests.

At Metro Health, we dedicate our lives to the health and well-being of all our patients, but no one touches our hearts quite like the frail infants in need of support.

Every day at the Special Care Nursery, our highly trained staff have the awesome privilege and responsibility of transforming emergency situations into the joyous, memorable moments that should accompany the birth of any child. Metro’s Special Care Nursery offers:

•             6 infant stations

•             Private seating areas at each station

•             Better control of lights, noise levels & temperature to minimize stimulation

•             State-of-the-art equipment

•             Private breastfeeding rooms

•             Flexibility to accommodate twins and triplets

It’s impossible to describe the emotions that overcome a parent when a newborn faces serious complications. It’s as if your own heart stops, and time stands still. Every part of your mind, body and soul cries out for help. Thanks to the Special Care Nursery, Metro will continue to answer that cry!

Thousands of babies can quite literally breathe easier. Thousands of mothers will not be left with empty arms when their newborns face complications. And countless families have a chance to pull through a crisis, to heal and to nurture life…together.

Tax ID: 38-3033329 •


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