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Mia's Road To Recovery

Organized by: Alecia Miller

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For everyone who knows me, is friends with me on Facebook, is following me on Instagram knows that Mia, my cat, means the absolute world to me and more. Her beautiful feline self has been made very public for all to see. For everyone who has a special pet or two or three, knows exactly the bond and feeling I am trying to describe here. For those who have a pet like I have Mia and has children, can understand that the power of love between mother/ father and child is exactly like the love we share for our beloved pet(s). They are family, period.


So here is Mia's story... Mia for the past 3 months ( as far as we can tell) has been battling liver disfunction. She stopped eating due to some reason we can't quite determine, but because of the starvation mode she went into it affected her liver. Tufts diagnosed it as Hepatic Lipidosis aka Fatty Liver Disease. Now, like every liver, it plays an important role in metabolism and emulsification of fats, coagulation factors ( like for blood) and decomposition of red blood cells. So when Mia went into starvation mode, not eating, this harmed her liver. Her body moved fat to the liver, and because cats can't process large amounts of fat, the fat in the liver is not processed efficiently resulting in a fatty and low functioning liver. And if not treated right away, this can lead to death. So I did what every owner would do ( who doesn't have the money) I opened up a care credit card ( which I maxed out) I brought her to Tufts for treatment and she was placed on a feeding tube( that only lasted one week). Which at the time was okay because Mia began eating on her own and her liver enzymes had improved and were within normal range.


Fast forward to Friday August 12th. Mia had an appointment for follow up blood work. Perfect timing since her appetite was decreased and she was "off" again. We got her on an appetite stimulant , gave some fluids and kept eye all weekend. Today, we received the results. Mia's liver enzymes are again very elevated, more so then before, and some other levels such Bilirubin Conjugated and Unconjugated. She is also juandeced and has lost a good amount of weight. Fortunately, I was given advice from a former employer and they gave me some steps to take. So Mia is currently on some medications for her liver, an appetite stimulant, I give her at home fluid therapy, and special food ( that I force finger feed into her mouth). I was told that since there has been no liver biopsy to determine the real cause here, all of this is called working blindly. But it's better than nothing. Because in actuality Mia should be at Tufts critical care, 24/7 watch and with a feeding tube. But I can't afford it. And after keeping eye on Mia since being home today, I almost thought she was goner at one point.


So now here I am, creating this Go Fund Me Page. I know this story is long, and if your still reading this, I thank you, for actually taking the time care enough about it to read it, to know, I TRULY thank you. I know 4,000 is a lot of money to raise. Heck, even creating this and asking people "please help me, please donate towards Mia" is a lot to ask. And trust me, having to do this makes me feel low. But I'm trying here, I'm trying to keep her alive. She is only 8 years old.  And if even in the end, Mia doesn't make it, at least I can have piece of mind knowing that I tried ALL that I could. Becasue to me, Mia isn't just a cat I have had for 8 years. Mia is my family, she is before Tony and before Olivia. She has this special place in my heart that no other soul has dwelled. Any money raised is going towards Mia and all of her procedures and steps taken and ones we continue to take. I need to get her back into Tufts. I'm sure a lot of you will say, "just put her down, don't you think it's time". My answer is no, I know there is still hope. So please have some hope too and prayers are always welcomed! 


Thank you. 


Organized by

Alecia Miller

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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