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Micah Jesse's Fundraiser:

Micah Jesse's 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

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BENEFITING: Creative Visions Foundation

EVENT DATE: May 03, 2012

Micah Jesse


"Celebrating 5 Years of Micah Jesse" and The Bully Project on  Thursday, May 3, 2012. 

Popular and positive today, I am no stranger to bullying. Bullied from elementary school through high school, I was called every name in the book and today, I live to share my story. I am celebrating the thought-provoking, consciousness-raising movie "Bully" at my upcoming anniversary party on May 3, 2012. Join me in giving back and helping to raise "5 for 5" -- $5,000 to celebrate 5 Years in Entertainment!  

Stop bullying TODAY! Click on the big "DONATE" button to the right, tell all your friends and family about "Bully," and together we can bring awareness to this very important issue and put an end to bullying.


About The Bully Project:

The Bully Project highlights solutions that both address immediate needs and lead to systemic change. Starting with the film’s STOP BULLYING. SPEAK UP! call to action, The Bully Project will catalyze audience awareness to action with a series of tools and programs supported by regional and national partners.

The Bully Project is a collaborative effort that brings together partner organizations that share a commitment to ending bullying and ultimately transforming society.

Help keep The Bully Project alive by donating to the film's social action campaign through their nonprofit partner, Creative Visions Foundation (CVF). CVF is a publicly supported 501(c)3, which supports Creative Activists who use the power of media and the arts to affect positive change in the world.  CVF is legally known as "Dan Eldon Foundation." This will be the charity name listed on your donation receipt. 

Learn more about The Bully Project by clicking here.  

Thanks for your support. 


Micah Jesse



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