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Michael and Savannahs plee for help

Organized by: Michael Morse

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I am a 36 year old disabled veteran, and single father. I served; I was severely injured back during enduring Freedom. I was forced to retire in 2007 from even a job at Walmart by the Army/VA/ and SSI after I collapsed due to possible seizures from my head trauma I sustained wile active during a combat jump and full parachute failure. I spend a lot of my time helping others, donating blood and platelets, helping other veterans figure out their claims, trying to stay active and to give back. Helping others get back into shape or stay mobile, I was supposed to be in a wheelchair by age 30 threw operations, eating right, and physical fitness I was able to avoid this, but it's still difficult at times to even move or to go outside. In 2014 my wife and best friend of 10 years married for 6 came out and confessed to having multiple affairs while I was at home raising our daughter, after her abusing me for 6 years, and admitting it in court. Due to current laws and mandates in California she was granted half of everything even from prior to marriage, since it's no fault state. But this also meant I absorbed half her dept. her that her "friends" had secretly ran up, I was forced to sell my classic truck I built with my now deceased father, I was forced to sell my home I had invested everything into to pay her debts, even forced to sell my dogs the ones she didn't take. She emptied our savings, and stashed the money, she took my car that I have to pay for, and due to laws was entitled to half my income I.E Veterans disability. they found a glitch but since divorce wasn't final yet she was able to take all my back pay. Her boyfriend, and boss who made a fortune of lawsuits aided her with legal representation. Enough to where even the judges offered sympathy. I am unable to work to compensate without losing my benefits, and my daughters, and with my conditions working for more than a few hours can be impossible as is at times. I, I was forced to auction off most of my life, for my daughter, I moved into a small home older with a garage for storage. Due to left over dept of my ex, and most my appliances breaking, floor damage, and paying my ex enough to take multiple vacations a month and she does, and her eating out every night, me supporting her family, her hiding income. Most months I end up in the negative and overdraft, eating less than $100 of food a month, giving my daughter most all I have. I have almost lost my home multiple times, had my vehicle almost reposed, I have lost over 65lbs and collapsed more than once. Friends of hers also broke into my home a year ago to further rob me, and due to a misfile by local police I didn't get granted medical aid, or re-imbursement for moving. Racking up medical bills and fees not covered by the VA even at 100% unemployable. Lost more hearing due to their attack. My daughters medical expenses, mine as well. I was granted joint custody but due to her funding, money she took, and what she hid, the money she takes, left over dept from her, and the new medical, home damage etc on me, hidding what she made, her boyfriends, and boss I can't compete to try and fix things around the house. Even worse I can not aford the legal help to fight for my daughter’s needs, safety, protection, rights, or even get the help to get my ex off of me in her weekly harassments. Due to my overall income of disability being high, I qualify for no aid, even though it's taken in multiple forms of support from me. I can not work legaly to cover the gaps and growing depts, maintain legal aid. I am seeking help to pay off the current dept, cover medical expenses, cover the legal help to help my daughter. Repair my home damage. So for once we can take a breath, relief, and give my daughter the life she deserves. I have never sought help in my life, never asked for anything, always been self-sufficient, but at some point it gets so bad to where you have to seek help from people who have been there, and this would be that time. Anything helps but to save our home, pay my way out of this mess I didn't cause, and the growing legal costs, and to start our life fresh, buy my daughter cloths. For her I am truely doing this, she is the most important thing to me.


Organized by

Michael Morse

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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