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Anna Pena(@annap53)'s Fundraiser:

Michael Welch from Twilight- Clean Water for Swaziland

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Michael Welch wrote -

Right now, over 800 million people don't have access to safe, clean drinking water. Water related illness kills more kids every day than AIDS, malaria, and all world violence, combined.

Thirst Project is the largest youth oriented fresh water charity in the world. In just 5 years, they've gotten clean water to hundreds of thousands of people in 11 different countries. They are now committed and determined to get every single person in the country of Swaziland clean water over the next 8 years, doing what has never been done before, and changing the face of a nation, forever.

This year for my birthday, instead of asking for the latest Jazzy dance record or booster packs of Pokemon cards, I want to take a step in the right direction and help give a community of people in Swaziland clean water for the rest of their lives and for all generations who follow.

The village of Mkhokhi has roughly 2,000 people. Their current sources of water are unprotected and highly contaminated, leading to extreme Dehydration, Diarrhea, Dysentery, parasitic diseases (that lead to, among other things, malnutrition and urination of blood), and death. As of right now, most of their water sources are no less than a 1KM-10KM walk, leaving many children unable to get an education and vulnerable to attack. This community is in DESERPARATE need of clean water, and they have the capability to maintain the costs and repairs of a well. All they need now, is the funding.

Ultimately it will take 4 wells to fully serve this community. But to get to 4, you have to start with 1. This first well will cost $12,000. This will provide 500 people with clean, disease free water for the rest of their lives, and positively impact literally every single element of life and community development.

All I’m asking people to give is 10 bucks (would've been 5, but the CrowdRise minimum is 10.  Sorry).  That’s it. 10 bucks to dramatically alter the lives of 500 people. Of course, you can give any amount you want. But I want to prove that SMALL, positive actions can have a HUGE impact on the world. If YOU, sitting exactly where you are right now, reading this, can take the time to make just a $10 donation, I guarantee you, you’re gonna make the world a better place and feel damn good doing it.



To donate by mail, please send a check made payable to Thirst Project here:


Thirst Project- Michael Welch Campaign

468 N. Camden Dr.

Beverly Hills, CA, 90210

(Also, please indicate your donation is for the Michael Welch campaign in the Memo section of your check)

Thanks a lot and have a blessed day. :)


P.S.  Btw, the fella in the photo is Sibu.  He's the guy on the ground that's actually gonna make it happen.  Go Sibu!!!!

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