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Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller
United States
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We are trying to raise $25,000 for Lynch Syndrome Public Awareness and Education!

Lynch Syndrome is the result of a defect in a gene which ordinarily repairs errors in DNA replication. Since it doesn't work, errors stack upon errors (simplistically put) and tumors form. Individuals with Lynch syndrome have an extremely high risk to colorectal and endometrial cancers, a high risk to bladder, kidney, prostate, gastric and ovarian cancers and a higher than average risk to cancers of the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, small intestine, skin and the brain.

The cancers come at a younger than average age and are extremely aggressive in some instances, developing toward metastases in two to three years. Children of those of Lynch syndrome parents face a 50% risk of acquiring the defective gene.

Millions of people in the world have Lynch syndrome and don't know it. In the U.S. alone, over 800,000 persons are believed to be affected, however less than ten percent are diagnosed. In other countries, the numbers diagnosed are lessor.

However, there is hope. With public awareness and education about Lynch syndrome, and knowledge of one's family history, discussion can be held with your physician regarding the risk for hereditary cancer.

If genetic testing indicates you and your family may be at risk, you will be referred to a series of experts and regular cancer screenings, which often results in growths, polyps, and tumors detected early and removed or treated before becoming life threatening.

In generations past, family members died as a result of Lynch syndrome, at a young age from cancers. Today, we live.

The challenge? Donate any amount over $5, that you wish today and share this page this page with your friends and family.  Challenge as many as you can to match your donation or beat it! By doing so, you will be letting them know about the need to know their family history and of hereditary cancers and help others, as well!

We are an all-volunteer organization.  Every single penny we make goes directly toward the mission of protecting families and saving lives from the cancers of Lynch syndrome.

Join us in saving tens of thousands of lives. Help us by donating today. Together, we can make an incredible difference for generations to come!



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