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Micro Grants

Micro Grants
CROWDRISE : Apr 13, 2017
Tax ID: 20-4092394
BASED: Minneapolis, MN, United States


Micro Grants

What We Do

Partner with people to help them break the cycle of poverty.

We believe in eliminating poverty through work! MicroGrants gives $1000 grants for low-income people of potential to invest in their lives. The grants are designed to help people increase their income either through small business development or getting and retaining stable employment. Investments are usually made in three areas: education & training programs, small business start-up & development, and transportation (car repairs, new car, getting a driver's license). 

At MicroGrants, we know that wealth accumulation, not debt accumulation, is the way out of poverty.

Tax ID: 20-4092394 •

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Lights On! - Micro Grants for Car Light Repairs in the Twin Cities

Lights On! - Micro Grants fo…

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34% Raised of $30,000 Goal