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Micronesian Conservation Coalition

Conserving island habitats and species throughout Micronesia by reinforcing community connections to the true value of these ecosystems, while respecting and preserving unique cultures and their natural resources. Tax ID 66-0839975


Tropical Islands are known for being a key source for animal and plant biodiversity because they are isolated and have advantageous climates. These animals and plants are vulnerable to localized environmental disturbances. Even small events or disturbances can have catastrophic consequences in an island ecosystem. 

MCC works to protect island habitats throughout Micronesia by combining local knowledge with scientific based evidence and research.

How do we do it?

  • By creating meaningful learning opportunities, supplementing educational experiences and assisting in student exchange programs we will inspire youth into science-based fields while providing positions and occupations.
  • Through expanding community-based research and awareness programs,we will strengthen local conservation and management practices and influence political policies throughout the region.
  • By facilitating and integrating regional island programs, offering support between educational institutions, NGO’s, and businesses we will internationally increase knowledge of tropical island ecology, benefiting all.