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Chandler Converse's Fundraiser:

Middle Path Day- Slavic Village

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EVENT DATE: Apr 26, 2015

Chandler Converse


Conner Karakul wrote -

Funds needed:

$500.00 - Educational Pollinator Garden-3 raised bed, 48 square feet of Native Pollinator plants benefitting the  Mound School Science curriculum and Cleveland Botanical Garden's summer garedn programs.

Plant List

(average of $9.00 a plant x 48 plants= $432.00)  Additional funds if received will go to Boys and Girls Club Flower Garden which will be created at a future date)

Aquilegia canadensis- Red Columbine-Apr-July -hummingbirds, bees

Asclepias hirtella- Green Milkweed-June-Aug -bees, beetles, flies, butterflies

Lobellia cardinalis- Cardinal Flower- Aug-Oct -bees, hummingbirds

Penstemon pallidus- Pale Beardtongue- May-July- bees, butterflies

Symphyotrichum ericoides- Heath Aster- Aug-Oct- bees, butterflies, beetles


$100 Knotweed Removal and native plant replacement

Focus on the future-Creating a healthy urban landscape for our youth

This project aims to establish a beautiful connection for students to the Boys and Girls Club.  Taking the ecological disasters of our cities head on by strategic removal of extremely invasive knotweed species along the Morganna trail and replacing it with native plants that create habitat, manage stormwater, and encourage less chemicals.

$100.00 of Native plant species

Tentative Plant List

Service Berry



Native Grasses


Middle Path is a special place for the Kenyon Community. It serves as the central artery of community life in Gambier and remains as an important symbol of community strength even after we venture off The Hill. The power of this place becomes more apparent as we come to realize that many of our communities outside of Gambier lack this type of dynamic, communal landscape.

Rooted in our shared appreciation for Middle Path, the Cleveland-Kenyon Alumni will come together on April 26th to work towards a safe and beautiful connection for the students of CMSD’s Mound School to the nearby Boys and Girls Club of Slavic Village. This hands-on project will improve a pathway that provides direct access to an important community asset, encourage community mindfulness and celebrate the ecology of Northeast Ohio. In partnership with Mound, Slavic Village Development, and the Boys and Girls Club we will provide services to ecologically and socially improve a portion of The Morganna Trail. In partnership with Mound School and the Cleveland Botanical Garden, we will build raised beds and plant butterfly gardens adjacent to the school building tying our work into the students’ current art and science curriculum.


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