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Midori & Friends

Midori & Friends provides high-quality music education programs to NYC students in Grades PreK-12 who have little or no access to the arts.

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In 1992, acclaimed violinist Midori had a vision to bring music education to every student in New York City. Today, 24 years later, Midori & Friends has a track record of transforming the lives of over 235,000 students in underserved public schools. With music, we spark young people’s creativity, ignite their imagination, boost their excitement about school, and encourage them as listeners and critical thinkers.

Midori & Friends is about more than simply playing a note or singing a song. Our music education programs instill lifelong values that develop our students into proud and confident individuals. We honor and nurture the artistry and promise in every child. 

Midori & Friends currently partners with more than 40  public schools and community-based organizations throughout NYC to provide instrument instruction and in-school concerts and workshops to students in Grades PreK-12. Our programs are offered at no cost to families and are available to all children regardless of their musical ability.  Through our programs, approximately 17,000 of kids annually attend exceptional concerts, learn how to play an instrument, proudly perform for their friends and family members, and express themselves as creative young people.