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We connect the deaf and hard of hearing community, and the legal community across eight Midwestern states. And, we do a darn good job of it. Can your potato salad do that?

www.mcld.org Tax ID 36-4133109


We help to connect people.  Specifically, the deaf and hard of hearing community and the legal community.  We provide tools to remedy the barriers that deaf and hard of hearing individuals often experience in accessing legal services due to lack of understanding or education about communication needs.  We also provide education and training to the legal community.  MCLD has a an attorney referral list of attorneys experienced in representing deaf and hard of hearing individuals.  We're the only one of our kind in the United States, and possibly the world. 

In a nutshell, MCLD provides:  (1) information and referral, (2) educational resources, and (3) workshops and training.   No potato salad here.  

Some of the calls MCLD has received this year are: 

*assisting a deaf woman having difficulty finding an attorney who will provide an ASL interpreter to communicate with her in a domestic violence altercation by directing her to a family law attorney 

*refering  a deaf man who wants to execute a will to an attorney who knows sign language or is familiar and willing to provide appropriate accommodations 

*educating a police officer about how to communicate with an individual with hearing loss 

*providing expert information to a sports stadium about how to provide captioning for their event under their obligation under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act 

And much more.  MCLD receives calls daily seeking help.   With your donation, you can help us continue to connect people.