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Margie Becker-Lewin's Fundraiser:

Migraines SUCK- Help Me Find a Cure!

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BENEFITING: Migraine Research Foundation Inc.


Margie Becker-Lewin


Andrea Nusinov wrote -


June is Migraine Awareness Month, so this seems like a good time to tell you my story and ask for your help. 

For most of my life, I've battled migraines. It's called an "invisible disability" because although I may look and act okay when you see me, I'm actually struggling every day to accomplish even the most mundane things. 

I have tried an endless list of medications, supplements and therapies. Recently I got a very painful "Daith" ear piercing because people claim it somehow helps. I have every eyemask and icepack on the market. I've seen a wide variety of doctors and specialists. 

My neurologist recently told me that we've tried everything she can think of and she's not sure where to go from here. Nothing like having your doctor give up on you! 

On any given day I am: a) feeling a migraine coming, b) in the thick of having one or c) trying to recover from the last one. Postdrome is the name for the "migraine hangover" which can cause fogginess and sleepiness. The daily medication I take causes sleepiness to begin with- so basically I'm always tired! 

Every day I wonder what my life might have been like without the chronic pain of migraines. In my dream world without migraines, I'd embrace life: I'd work more hours, contribute more to our family's income. I’d be more social and keep up with friends- I'd make lots of plans without fear of having to break them at the last minute. I'd spend more time with my family, less time in a dark room with an ice pack on my head! My husband and kids are so wonderful and understanding- they keep the noise down, dim the lights, rub my head, make me food. The support is wonderful, but I hate feeling helpless.

And there's the self-blame: what did I do to bring on this last one? Did I eat the wrong food or did I wait too long to eat? Did I work on the computer too long? Did I sleep too much or not enough? Did I try to do too much?

I feel constant guilt that I am not being the best wife, mother, daughter and friend that I should be. And I feel guilty that I may have passed on this evil gene to my child. 

Of course, all of these thoughts and feelings don't make my head feel any better! All I can do is try and focus on the positive. I want to focus on the things I CAN control.

That's where this fundraiser comes in. 

The Migraine Research Foundation opens doors to a cure by raising money to fund research into the causes, better treatments, and a cure for migraine. 100% of all donations to MRF go directly to fund migraine research as members of MRF’s Board of Directors cover all of the overhead. They are currently considering grant applications from researchers all over the world.

If you've still reading up to this point, I truly appreciate it. If you want to go the extra step and make a donation it would mean the world to me. Every dollar raised is one small step closer to a cure! THANK YOU!!

xoxo, Andrea


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