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Help fund the food and nutrition program at Miles2smiles daycarecenter in the slums of kalerwe kampala,uganda for the children of low income earning single mothers working in the market. We need your help, we have a nurse coming in to help them whit medicine and to teach them to make food that give children all the nutrition at a price they can pay, we also give them food when they are in daycare Check our facebook page, youtube movies, and of course you can visit us in Uganda!!! About miles2smils: While catherine kitongo passed through kalerwe market and saw many babies kept in boxes,under shelves,on the backs of their mothers and even others left locked up at home while the mothers sold in the market,she saw the need to start MILES 2 SMILES a safe daycare centre where these mothers can drop off there babies from 6.30am and pick them at 7pm.At the market children are prone to dangerous market conditions which sometimes lead to death.Babies staying in the market whole day can cause them accidents,molestation,retardation etc.These market vendors are single mothers who also are very low income earners and so they cant afford the high cost regular daycare centres or maids at home.While at miles 2 smiles,the children are fed on 2nutritious meals to curb the increasing rate of mulnutrion in children under 5yrs.The mothers too are taught by a visiting nurse how to make nutritious meals from local available foodstuffs. At miles 2 smiles the mothers have been organised in groups of 25people each group so that they can save money together and then borrow from the pull so that they can grow their businesses and get some little more money inorder to be able to take their children to primary school when they leave miles 2 smiles. We request you to please donate to miles 2smiles so that together we feed the children while their mothers can make some extra money to help them take these children throuhh primary school when they leave miles 2 doing this we shall be empowering the women/mothers as well. Budget MONTHLY BUDGET FOR FOOD AND NUTRITION AT MILES 2 SMILES WELFARE CENTRE (UG. SHILLINGS) POSHO 188,89 dollars RICE 210,00 dollars BEANS 57,78 dollars GNUT STEW 50,00 dollars SUGAR 155,56 dollars SALT 4,17 dollars TEA 11,67 dollars PORRIDGE (MAGANJO) 81,67 dollars BEEF 33,75 dollars MUKENE 25,00 dollars CHARCOAL 155,56 dollars VEGETABLES 23,33 dollars MEDS (APPETIZERS, DEWORMERS AND BOOSTERS) 166,67 dollars COOKS' SALARIES 222,22 dollars NURSE'S SALARY 111,11 dollars Total 1 497,36 dollars



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Tor Arne is working on selecting a charity so you can support Miles2smiles.