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Providing a little help to people in need can make a huge impact. That is what MilestonesNYC is all about. Ten years ago, a family friend in Charlotte, NC was struggling with a problem in her family. This was causing a lot of stress and angst for many months. She couldn't afford to see a private therapist, but I encouraged her to get encouraged her to get help through the city clinic. With just a few visits, she was feeling much better and was back on her feet. I realized then, that just a little bit of help could go so far--I wish that she had been able to get help sooner even though she had very limited resources.

Fifty percent of New Yorkers cannot afford access to mental health care. It has been my dream make an impact on this situation and to help those in need of mental health to have access to the highest quality of care.

Thus, two years ago, I started MilestonesNYC. MilestonesNYC links New Yorkers in need of help to private practice therapists, psychiatrists and life coaches. They are able to receive pro bono care with high quality providers in a respectful environment. There is no other organization like it in the Northeast. In addition, MilestonesNYC recruits experts in the mental health field to provide educational workshops to underserved communities. Many people can be reached and helped through both of these routes with very low financial investments.

Due to our low overhead, for every $100 that is raised, $1500 of care can be provided to individuals. In addition, due to the ripple effect, when individual people get back on their feet, there is a ripple effect. Families, communities, and employers benefit. A little can go a long way.

After two years of development, we have finally launched and have started matching people in need and helping them get back on their feet.

One case that was in particularly moving was a woman named, Cathy*. She is a single mom of three children and used to work as a teacher in an underved community. After her last pregnancy, she developed post-partum depression. She lost her job and her insurance. She had difficulty taking care of her children and some neighbors and family members started helping out. However, as the depression became worse, she became housebound and afraid of taking the food from other people. She was unable to take care of her children. She was referred to MilestonesNYC by one of her friends. We matched her with a top notch psychiatrist and therapist. As the months progressed, her depression improved. She was able to start taking care of her children again, leave the house, and return to work. What an exciting success story.

And, as MilestonesNYC grows, more and more people can be helped.
You can make an impact on an individual's life, on families, and on an entire community. As we have seen, a little goes a long way. Your donation of time, financial resources, or services can make a significant impact. A little goes a long way. Donate to MilestonesNYC today.

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* Name and details have been altered to protect the confidentiality of the individual.





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