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Military Veteran Project, Inc.

Military Veteran Project, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Feb 22, 2015
Tax ID: 46-0877378
BASED: Topeka, KS, United States


Our Mission

The Military Veteran Project is a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury to assist with suicide prevention for PRE & POST 9/11 Veterans. #MilitarySuicideAwareness #22ADAY.

The Military Veteran Project is on a mission to decrease military suicides with a goal to end military suicide as we know it through research.  We need to get to root of the issue, the brain.  With veterans returning home after war with minimal decompression or rehabilitation time, veterans and military families are left trying to cope with the traumatic combat events.  Flashbacks, hypersensitivity, nightmares, hyper-vigilance, & insomnia are only a few of the symptoms associated with Post Traumatic Stress, while veterans and active duty service members are fighting a new war within themselves on American soil, government agencies like the Department of Defense and Veterans Administration are facing cutbacks, furloughs and limited on treatment options.  2/3 of veterans suffering with symptoms are being treated with prescription  drugs, while the other 1/3 refuse to seeks medical assistance.  
Through research we know here at the Military Veteran Project, lives can be saved.  
Veterans are fighting for freedoms on foreign soil but unable use that mere freedom when they return home, we know we can give them their freedom back.  We are able to use SPECT imaging to see the relative blood flow through the brain, to better understand what type of treatments they need. Hyper activity in the brain may be associated with PTSD, while minimal, low activity may be associated with TBI, these two symptoms should not be treated the same and need separate treatments.
HELP SAVE A LIFE TODAY by making a donation to go towards research and treatments and help prevent another veteran life being lost.



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