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Million Dollar Lady

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Who has over a million fans on their social sites and whose Foundation is working to better Women’s lives in general? That would be our Founder Mary J. Blige and that’s why FFAWN is calling her the Million Dollar Lady. FFAWN is creating a viral campaign that not only supports Mary J. Blige, but also supports FFAWN in its endeavors.

FFAWN is using Social Media to reach out to Mary J. Blige fans and bring a fun promotion to our supporters. The campaign is very simple and everyone can be involved. The purpose is to get MJB fans all million of them to donate $1.00 to FFAWN, for a chance to be the Million Dollar Winner. The MJB Fan who donates the millionth dollar will win a chance to have dinner with Mary and VIP tickets to a Mary J. Blige Concert.

This campaign will run virally online to Mary’s fan base and to the FFAWN community. All donations will help support FFAWN in its endeavors.
Million Dollar Lady will run from March 1st until June 30th.

The FFAWN ladies are excited to launch Million Dollar Lady and we look forward to creating an energetic campaign where fans can enjoy and give back. So please help us spread the word to your communities and just maybe you will end up the winner for a chance to win a dinner with Mary and VIP Tickets to a Mary J. Blige Concert!!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at info@ffawn.org



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FFAWN is working on selecting a charity so you can support Million Dollar Lady.