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Millvale Library

Millvale Community Library is more than a library ~ we are an agent for positive change. We are a truly grassroots, community driven effort where over 1,200 volunteers gave more than 60,000 hours of service to create Millvale's first ever public library. MCL started on our mission in 2007, and after 6 years of toil, sweat, pizza, and parties we opened in 2013.

www.millvalelibrary.org Tax ID 26-1401953


Our library was designed using social innovation and triple bottom line models to instill sustainability as our core principle. We live out our sustainable mission in the form of -

(1) Ecological sustainability - rain gardens, food gardens, Ecodistrict education and outreach, Allegheny Solar Cooperative, and our on-site solar panels (http://tinyurl.com/mk4z8c6)

(2) Economic sustainability - solar panels, three on-site apartment rentals, and one on-site office rental which all serve to lower costs and provide earned income for long term library operations. 

(3) Equity - we work to harness these investments to provide engaging, high quality programming designed to bridge the digital, creative, and information divides that are a far too common reality for far too many of our community members.  A core function of our efforts focus on the deliver of Making experiences like this - http://tinyurl.com/jvj969t