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Mimi's Heart is a charity with the purpose of improving the quality of life for children living with either anxiety or birth defects. Because, as Mimi would say, "all children are born perfect and it's our role as adults to show them."

As a tribue to my mother, Mimi, whose greatest passion was making sure that all children felt beautiful, special, and loved, I have started "Mimi's Heart" to support children in need.

Mimi loved every child, wanted to improve every child's life, and wanted to adopt every child who didn't have a home.

I remember my mom telling me often that "all children are born perfect, and it is our role as adults to show them."

She always taught me never to make fun of someone with a handicap or a deformity, because we are all beautiful.

She and my father also raised me, a person who anxiety, who was a very anxious child. It was probably difficult for her to help me cope with me at times, but she never made me feel bad, or different. Instead, I always felt like a special child growing up. A princess, if you will. She also had anxiety growing up, but it wasn't until I was diagnozed with it that she truly understood how it affected her well being. We managed our anxiety together.

With that said, every year around my mother's birthday, I will choose two organizations to support.

This year, funds will be split equally between Pediatric Prosthetics, Inc., and the Anxiety Disorders Association of American (ADAA).

Pediatric Prosthetics is in need of funds to assist families who do not have insurance coverage to obtain prosthetics for their little ones. They also run an organization called Manna from Heaven, out of Indiana.

90% of the funds that come in for Pediatric Prosthetics are used for the kids and the other 10% is used for the community to buy groceries, pay the rent, or whatever else is needed for the directors community. There is absolutuly no administration fee.

50% of the funds will be sent to Pediatric Prosthetics, Inc., to use for their children as they see fit. For more information, see www.kidscanplay.com.

ADAA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and cure of anxiety disorders. They have agreed to earmark funds received through this charity to go to projects directed at helping children with anxiety. ADAA is currently developing an educational program for children and their families to be held April, 2012. They are also looking into possible ways to support and educate school counselors who see children with anxieties. These projects will need funding to complete. 50% of proceeds raised will go directly to this cause. For more information, please visit http://www.adaa.org/.



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