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Mindful Ways Project

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June 24, 2017

Hello everyone, our goal is for 125 community supporters members to donate $199.00, in the next 30 days.  This will allow for us to reach our  See more


Jennifer Jeffcoat


Mindful Ways Project is an innovative continuum support project dedicated to providing strong community-based support for women through preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting rooted in Mindfulness. We are a growing group of Doulas, Midwifes, Childbirth Educators, Lactation Consultants, and Healing Arts Practitioners, who are Cultural Creative’s shifting the worldview toward wholeness, healing, social change and sustainable communities. We are setting the foundation of a new kind of Whole Wellness Intelligent Care™, blending the science of medicine with the healing arts, to help clients achieve optimal wellness for the whole community. 

We have provided services to women and their families in the Santa Clara for seven years and have progressed to the next phase; our non-profit Mindful Ways Project. This project will reach those in need in the Santa Clara Community. It will allow for our Cultural Creative’s to reinvest into the community. Starting at the basic level, through education and healing that gives empowerment for the mothers of today, while planting the seed in generation of tomorrow. 

Our Goals: 

Mindful Ways Project is a continuum profession that links the gap between the medical community and home. Low-income communities are more at risk for low birth weight, congenital malformations, obesity, and behavioral issues, due to lake of outreach and community connections. All women, children and families deserve the same physical, emotional and educational support with excellence and abundant access for birthing and parenting education. Clients who need information and support during the child bearing years, must be able to have the resources available and receive the assistance and information they need. The importance of a pro-active, well informed, and educated mother makes for less tax payers money at birth and beyond. 

Our Cultural Creative Community is attractive because we have the ability to educate the women in all aspect of the birthing journey. From healing from the past, knowing her place in the present and educating for the future. This Whole Wellness Intelligent Care™ facilitates her, to take ownership of her whole health, which allows the release of unhealthy relationships, physical and emotional health, and understanding the importance of a vital community. 

The Mindful Ways Project will co-create a Vital Community Training Program, that will allow for job placement and Community Leaders. 


 To be the leaders in continuum whole care from conception and beyond, while building a vital community . 

Mission Statement: 

Mindful Ways Project is a nonprofit organization changing and inspiring individuals to live healthier lives through healing, empowerment, education and research.

Our Guidlines:


•We practice reverent participatory relationship

•We strive to be an emotionally intelligent organization

•We practice Whole Wellness Intelligent Care™ by:

•Paying attention to mind, body, and spirit

•Being aware of the interconnectivity of systems

•Practicing collaboration between state-of-the-art medical care and proven complementary therapies

•Honoring the needs of both the client and practitioner in the context of the therapeutic relationship.

We recognize there are many paths to healing.

We support healing through expert research and outcomes scrutiny.

We view each client as an individual with complex evolving needs.

We create an environment of compassion and caring.

We understand our role as co-participants in the healing process.

We reflect the interconnectedness of All.

We share leadership and responsibility.

We are discerning without being judgmental.

We honor our commitments.

We position one another for success.

We maintain integrity in all we do.

We honor each other and the Community.

We exceed the expectations of those we serve.

We are a financially viable organization.

Our Model:


Clients having time to tell his or her story.

Clients and practitioners using their time together to develop a relationship of trust.

Individualized healing created based on appropriate therapies, resources and community.

Integrated health communication (charts) to provide maximum access for collaboration/integration.

We govern the organization using circle process in which leadership is shared and decisions are made using compassionate communication.

An emphasis on functional healing as a model that mirrors our integrative approach.

Removing barriers to care through education.

Target Population:

Maternal, Infant, and Child Health In Santa Clara County  

The health of mothers, infants, and children is an important indicator of the health of the population as well as a predictor of the next generation’s health. This data is useful for collaborative efforts by the Public Health Department and community organizations to address these disparities through the assessment of risk factors and the development of programs to improve maternal, infant, and child health outcomes.



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