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CROWDRISE : Sep 19, 2013
Tax ID: 45-3108671
BASED: Minneapolis, MN, United States



MN Prostate Cancer Org

Mission of the MNPCC. “Minnesota Prostate Cancer Coalition is a 501 (c)3 tax exempt organization that formed in 02/2011 by prostate cancer survivors, whose mission is to enlighten, educate, support and advocate for MN men, and their caregivers as they face the prospects of diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer.” In order to accomplish this task, we have the following goals: - Promote prostate cancer awareness through education, early detection and outreach. - Provide emotional support, to the men and their caregivers. - Advocate for prostate legislation, funding, and patient awareness. - Create/develop/offer a network of prostate cancer support groups throughout Minnesota. - Work to advance quality education, awareness, and advocate for the highest quality of care and life following diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer with men & their caregivers. Many of the MNPCC Board of Directors are prostate cancer survivors themselves. Thus their commitment to the mission and goals of the MNPCC is heartfelt and underlies their efforts to assist others with this dreadful disease. is a non-profit organization, registered with the State of Minnesota. It is also a 501 (c) 3 entity listed with the IRS which allows donations and fund raising that is tax deductible when filing tax returns. In summary, prostate cancer needs to be taken seriously by men and their caregivers. We men especially are called upon to take full and complete responsibility to monitor the health and the aging of our prostate glands.

We provide comfort to any man diagnosed with prostate cancer, to offer thoughtful support to him and his family and to help them to decide how best to deal with the diagnosis by providing them with and guiding them to suitable information, being mindful at all times that it is the individual's ultimate choice that the path he decides to follow is his own and that of his family, based on his particular circumstances.

Tax ID: 45-3108671 •


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