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Miqueas 6-8 Inc Tax ID 45-1475493


Miqueas 6.8 is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit and Honduran charitable organization that operates a children’s home "Hogar Miqueas" in the village of La Colorada, Honduras. The vision of Miqueas 6.8 is to raise children who have been abandoned, neglected and abused with love, care, education, encouragement and Christian values; so that they will have the ability to lead the future generations of Honduras. It is our hope that through Hogar Miqueas we will be able to see a generation of children that will show love, compassion, and share knowledge and wisdom with everyone they come in contact with. Miqueas 6.8 is also dedicated to the community around them by building homes and by providing small business opportunities for the extremely poor. We work with the children in the community and provide education to promote self-sufficiency.

In addition to operating Hogar Miqueas, Miqueas 6.8 is working to achieve the long term sustainability of the mission. It is our goal that the mission will be self-sufficient in the future. We currently are looking at various sources of income that will help not only the children in our home but the community around us.