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Miracle League of the South Hills (Casey...


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Miracle League of the South Hills (...
Tax ID: 27-1981498
BASED: Covington, KY, United States


Miracle League of the South ...

Everyone Play's Ball

To provide every child and adult, the opportunity to play baseball;To promote teamwork, sportsmanhip, and respect for all;To foster peer relationships so that barriers to friendship and opportunity are removed.

<p>The Pirates Charities Miracle League of the South Hills is carrying on the mission statement of all Miracle League fields: “Every Child Deserves A Chance to Play Baseball.”</p> <p>We are bringing the game of baseball to children who may have never had the opportunity to play on a real field. By building a custom-designed field with a cushioned rubberized surface to help prevent injuries, wheelchair accessible dugouts and a completely flat surface to eliminate any barriers to wheel-chair bound or visually impaired players, the field has eliminated the challenges that prevent many children from playing the game of baseball.</p> <p>In addition to giving kids the chance to play the game we are dedicated to bringing together children through our “Buddies” program. We believe that the baseball field is a place that can connect all children by building teamwork and friendship.</p>


Casey's Clubhouse Pittsburgh 2018

Casey's Clubhouse Pitts…

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Casey's Clubhouse Pitts…

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