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Sylvia Earle Alliance Mission Blue

Protect Costa Rica’s Hammerhead Sharks from Illegal Poachers

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Cocos Island, often referred to as the “Little Galapagos”, is one of the most pristine ocean ecosystems on Earth and home to the largest global schools of hammerhead sharks, who arrive via migratory corridors in dense swarms that have become legendary among divers. It is also a Mission Blue Hope Spot. While Cocos is protected as a marine reserve under Costa Rican law, there is still a huge problem of enforcement: poachers are slaughtering the hammerheads, including the endangered Scalloped Hammerhead. Even worse some of their large dorsal fins are being exported to Asian Markets, where they are prized as a delicacy.

Among its many projects, the Mission Blue is currently supporting PRETOMA in Costa Rica, a respected organization that is aggressively monitoring enforcement of local marine laws and has sued the government to stop the illegal plunder of hammerhead shark fins at the Cocos Island Hope Spot.

With every dollar you donate right now, the The Philip Stephenson Foundation will donate another dollar to Mission Blue. Additionally, 20% of funds donated will go to support PRETOMA’s on-the-ground work to protect hammerheads in the Cocos Island Hope Spot.