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Mission House Needed



Beacon Street Ministries Outreach

It is appalling that anyone must go hungry!  With real grief I know in every city in America, there are children, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, those who no longer work, those who have lost work, those who have lost their society, who are hungry because they do not have sufficient food to eat. Day after day after day for these souls, the search for food is real and unrelenting. For most who read this, the need to search for food is so foreign, it is not comprehendible.

Our goal at Beacon Street is to assist anyone with a need by bringing a hot meal to the homeless on the streets of Clearwater, Florida. This includes veterans who have responded to the call of their country and elderly who bring their Tupperware dishes to fill with homemade food. 

If only you could be blessed, as I have been, to see each one walking away rubbing their stomach with a smile on their face shouting a "Thank You So Much." 

Each week approximately 100 to 125 hot meals are provided to anyone in need.  Although a hot meal is incredibly important and beneficial, that alone does not possess the possibility of changing a life. With their consent and participation, prayer for their needs and that of their family is offered.  Perpetual and profound expression of love and concern is what they receive and deep inside a glimmer of hope awakens.

Most of all, what is understood throughout history that changes the direction of people and mankind is HOPE. From the embryo of hope grows the courage to see a different outcome. When those who come to Beacon Street Ministries Outreach demonstrate courage, we are there with the resources to help them change their lives.

NOW, WE NEED YOUR HELP. The building from which Beacon Street Ministries Outreach prepares the weekly meals and houses the food pantry is to be sold. The work of feeding the hungry will come to an end. These poor souls will be abandoned. Not because the servants are few, but because the structure is absent. WE NEED YOUR HELP in purchasing a new building.

In addition to our work with the homeless population, our food pantry provides food for over 100 families a month. At times for these families it is a matter of paying the bills or eating.  Many families visit our pantry to supplement their food budget.  For some, this food source is all they have.  With the elderly who come, their resources are so scarce they must choose between much needed medication or food to nourish their body.  Without help from people just like you, the outcome could be these who struggle so, will suffer.

The community where we are located is riddled with prostitution, drugs, alcohol, and gang violence.  At Beacon Street we not only bring food but a loving spirit.  Children in the community come to the mission house for a treat and encouragement.  We reward those with good grades and encourage those that are not doing as well. Yes, we’ve even sat by their side as a text book is read and homework completed.

This work will end.

As a school teacher, I see children each day that do not have enough food, clothing, or love, and this carries over to the homeless population, elderly, and low income parents trying to provide for their families.  I can tell you first hand the hurt one feels when you know all you have is a bag of flour and some butter to prepare dinner for your family. Now is the time to reach out in compassion, before the flickering ember of hope is extinguished.

My heart cries for the opportunity to teach computer skills to the young mothers, daughters and sons, to enable them to create income that is so desperately needed.  I have the skill and training to do this. It is my dream of a way I can respond to their courage inspired by hope, that they can change their lives, if only they were given the chance. THIS DREAM NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

BEACON STREET MINISTRIES OUTREACH WILL SOON BE HOMELESS. We need to acquire a building to continue the ministry. Please play a role in creating enduring change in the lives of those who have courage to walk in hope renewed.

No one wants to be in a queue to receive a hot meal. If there was another choice each and every one of those who come, would choose another option. But every week, they do come, they must come.

No one wants to come to a food pantry so they can feed their family. If they had a choice, they would never come. But they do come, they must come.

No one wants to demonstrate, to say, they need help. Every day, with broken hearts, they come.

At Beacon Street Ministries they are met with the respect every human being deserves, a smile, and concern for their loved ones.  The daily grind of toiling in obscurity, isolated, without clear purpose, creates despair. They feel no one can hear their cry, knows their suffering. Describing the privilege of securing another in an embrace of comfort cannot be reached by words. As much as Beacon Street is a vital resource, it is an opportunity for every volunteer to know they are engaged in meaningful work. Through such knowing, the veil that obscures truth lifts and the lesson of life is revealed.

 While standing before me in conversation, her phone rang.  The person on the other end said, “Your house is on fire! Are your children with you?”  We all left running to get her home to find her home was on fire.  Beacon Street Ministries Outreach was able to help the single mom of three with food, some clothing, household goods, and most of all comfort through prayer. 

At Beacon Street Ministries Outreach, we make it our purpose to know if they just secured a job or a place to live. We want to know and enter into the moment with them if they have received medical care, have their prescriptions filled, had surgery. Our purpose is to assist younger ones get back in touch with their families and get back home. 

The property where the Mission House is located is being sold. A new place must be found before July 1, 2014!

May I ask of you, if at all possible, to help us raise the funds to continue the work of easing the ache of hunger, planting the seed of hope, continuing the mission of building and restoring people and families to the model for which they were intended. 

We can secure a property near our current location for $70,000. It is currently vacant and can be available for the needed repairs and alterations. Beacon Street Ministries Outreach currently owns commercial stoves, multiple refrigerators and storage racks that we use for being of service to the community. In addition, the ministry owns a mobile facility equipped with an oven to transport the hot meals to the location of the homeless. We just need a home.

If you find that you cannot help, please pass this along to your friends and family. So many good people are in search of an opportunity to support the continuation of meaningful works. Your friends and family may be willing to help Beacon Street Ministries Outreach help others. 

If we cannot raise the funds to purchase another Mission House we will be forced to shut our doors after years of service to this community.  Hundreds of families will be affected by not receiving food that carries them though the month.  Additionally, those who are on the street will not receive a meal.  Our homeless population consists of Veterans, mentally ill, those that are victims of our declining economy, teen runaways, and children.  The thought of anyone going hungry is appalling.  Without your help that is just what will happen.  There will not be boxes of food or a hot meal.  It is truly heartbreaking and brings tears.

Of course you want to help, but need to know more. 

Beacon Street Ministries is a nonprofit 501(C)3 outreach mission.  We incorporated in 2010 but have been active with the disadvantaged for 6 years.  It is our heart and is our passion to assist the disenfranchised in Pinellas County. 

Please help us.

Please call me.

No amount is too small.

We have come to realize this world is an endless class room.
In this class there is only one subject taught.
When the veil obscuring truth is lifted, we see the lesson is LOVE.

Beacon Street Ministries Outreach exists and seeks to continue because we have learned the lesson well. True love sets no preconditions. It matters not how these have become hungry.

Love dictates they should receive the food they need.




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