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In cultures all over the world, there is a legend or expectation of a teaching/teacher that will come in the time of tribulation and great strife on earth to unify humanity and bring peace and tranquility.

The great religions of the world also have prophesied such a Revelation/Revealer that will come and explain the mystery of the universe (God), synthesize the religions of the world, and end the old era so the New Order of the Ages (Golden Age) can dawn.

This expectation is NOW FULFILLED! Maitreya of the Mission of Maitreya has opened the Seven Seals, unified the religions of the world, shown the way to peace and unity for humanity, and fulfilled the prophecies of His coming. His Message is revealed and released to humanity freely, and all His writings, discourses, prophecies fulfilled, etc. are fully available on the Mission of Maitreya website: . Please study them carefully, with a sincere mind and an open heart, and prove to yourself that Maitreya is indeed the Seventh Angel, a major Prophet of God.

Our teaching is given freely, but our Vision is huge (we want to change the world!), and we need resources to spread and implement it. All donations go directly to spreading the message and bringing Maitreya's teachings to reality. All thanks to God for what we receive to do His Will!