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Mission to Heal

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Imagine a 9 year old boy having a tumor on his leg that has grown to almost seven pounds and presses on nerves causing great pain. Miraculously, a surgeon comes to his remote village in Africa and operates on the boy. The tumor is removed and the boy jumps up afterwards saying "I feel like I can fly." This is a true story. The problem is that only local anesthesia was available.That means this child felt the cutting inside his leg as local only numb the outer layers, not the internal. A Mobile Surgical Unit has an anesthesia machine, ventilators, sterlizers, and lights, all charged by a huge battery carrried in the towing vehicle. Mission to Heal has the vehicle and the trailer for the OR. What it needs now retrofitting to turn the trailer into a fully equipped operating room. It is scheduled to go first to the Philippines in December of this year. The cost to complete this work is $50,000. It sounds like a huge amount of money, but people spend that on cars, vacations, and jewelry. The MSU was first used by Dr. Edgar Rodas in Ecuador to reach remote parts of the Andes. Now Dr. Glenn Geelhoed, founder of Mission to Heal, who has done medical missions for forty years, is close to the dream of proving a Mobile Surgical Unit is key to the global health problem. The World Health Organization has only recently stated that surgical procedures can save lives and lessen pain for the poorest of the poor. Billions of dollars have been spent by major government and non governmental agencies, but Mission to Heal is comprised of small targeted medical teams. There is no overhead, not beauracracy, and no fund raising events. When people learn about it, they are so inspired they want to help. I pray that you will be one of those persons. I can't tell you in this brief description the sort of work Mission to Heal does but you can visit the website at Your contribution could save another child from having to experience the pain of surgery with no general anesthesia.



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