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The Milwaukee Center for Leadership Development provides quality programs by delivering research-based curriculum for youth in grades 4-12, with continuing support for college students. Currently, 14 programs are on the roster and the Executive Youth Leadership Training (EYLT), our first program, will be offered in January 2012. All programs are designed to engage the participants throughout their elementary and secondary years with the focus on going to and graduating from college or completing some form of post-secondary education. It is important to remember that our programs are squarely focused on providing solutions to the obstacles which African-American will face in trying to achieve success in education, career and life. In order to ensure success, we also provide support throughout their college years through academic counseling and internships provided by our corporate partners.

The basic goals of all of the programs are:

  • to increase self-esteem and encourage philanthropy,
  • to inspire the youth to achieve academically, professionally, and in life,
  • to expose the participants to experiences they typically would not have, and
  • to encourage participants to seek excellence.

The measurable outcomes are:

· 100% retention rate in the programs
· 100% of participants graduating from high school
· 100% of participants successfully gaining admission to a post-secondary institution
· 95% of participants attending a post-secondary institution (i.e. technical/vocational school, job training program, 4 year
college, 2 year
college, or the armed forces)
· 80% increasing SAT scores by 200 points
· 80% increasing comprehensive ACT score by a minimum of 3 points
· 90% of participants, who enroll in college, graduating within six years