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Mentors International

Mentors International helps struggling entrepreneurs in developing countries become self-reliant. We educate and encourage others to invest in the poor through our program of microloans and business mentoring, because we know the solution to permanently ending poverty is giving people a hand up, rather than a handout.

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Mentors International is a nonprofit that serves fledgling entrepreneurs in developing countries, by giving them a loan, business training and mentoring to grow their business. In Guatemala, meet Julio Ceaser Valesquez Lopez, who 9 years ago didn’t have a stable job and struggled to feed his family of 10 on their monthly income of $100. He couldn’t find stable work, but wanted to and tried every day. His family found shelter in a house made of corn stalks, tied together for walls. Then he discovered Mentors and secured his first loan of $100. With business training, he diversified his crops and rented more land. His first crops were successful and he repaid the loan with interest. He secured a second loan, and now - flash forward 9 years, Julio leases 400 acres and sells his crops of beans, corn, and more to a food co-op that sells to the U.S.  Julio is grateful to Mentors, and in a way, he is just like you - he is the entrepreneur of his village.  He has sacrificed, saved and built a business just like you. He could be you - but he was born into different circumstances. Julio now has a brick house, employs over 22 people, and is a shining light of hope to others in Guatemala. To hear more about Julio in his own words, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLG-x7Y4Q7k&feature=youtu.be