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The Mmofra Trom Bead Project raises funds to provide education for vulnerable children in Ghana, through bracelet sales.  The children at the Mmofa Trom Education Center have turned an extra-curricular school activity of stringing bracelets into an income-generating project for the vulnerable children at the center who need it most!


Ghanaian high school tuition costs typically range between 900-1200 Cedi (the Ghanaian currency). The American dollar exchange is around $650.00 to $850.00.The Mmofra Trom students hand string recycled-glass beads onto elastic during their art classes on Saturdays.  During the school week, the children are focused on their studies and Sundays are allocated for relaxation, a Ghanaian tradition.  

The beads are hand made by Ghanaian artisans who are paid above subsistence wages for their intricate crafts.  The Bentley students have devised a market for the bracelets in the United States through various outlets including cooperating stores and this website. All profits from online sales, retail buyers and event showcases go directly into a fund that will be used for the vulnerable students' future education upon graduation from Mmofra Trom.

Currently we have funded 8 out of the 22 vulnerable children's 3 year high school education which is a total of around $16,000! Help us to fund the 14 other wonderful students at the Mmofra Trom Center!