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Mobile App - Personality Masteries

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Personality Masteries is the science of learning to better understand ourselves and those around us. Learn to communicate, connect, develop friendships and life long relationships in a more effective manner.

Business owners will be able to generate more and better leads, convert more prospects to clients, do it faster and then service clients in such an amazing way that more referrals will be provided and Client For Life relationships will be established.

Pay It Forward

- Life Changing Solutions To Problems We Face -

Let’s Imagine Together . . .

Imagine . . . having access to experiences, wisdom and insights of people from all over the world.

Imagine . . . having technology which would help you, your loved ones, family, friends and others in your network to all connect together to assist one another in solving our biggest challenges.

Imagine . . . having a phone app which would do this quickly and at no cost.

Our Vision

Create a phone app which will help people around the world, simply, easily and without cost to pursue the solutions to their biggest challenges / problems . . . based on their own unique personality traits.

What We Have Already Accomplished

For decades Life Masteries Institute, (LMI) a 501(c)(3) non profit organization has been investing in the development of IP – Intellectual Property to help people solve their biggest life challenges / problems based on their own unique personality AND Natural Laws.

We have found the while every challenge / problem an individual faces is unique as no two people are the same . . . we have found that there are factors which connect all human being together.  We know that we can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.

  • LMI has created a massive online library of free resources designed to help people better achieve their full potential, in every area of one’s life.
  1. Biggest Challenge Speed Coaching Library
  2. White Paper Library
  3. Live Changing Surveys
  4. Video Library - Click on the shape / what is most frustrating
  5. Career Tips Library
  6. Financial Tip Library
  7. The Secrets About Time Resource Center - Gain an extra 20 hours a week!
  • There is a worldwide network of individuals who have already come together believing that we can accomplish for more together than we ever could on our own.
  • Many individuals are already freely giving of their own experiences, their own wisdom, their own IP to help others both in and out of the network.
  • There is an extensive backbone system called MCAT which is a massively complex technology and database cloud solution which will safely hold the individual data and craft complex solutions, behind the scenes.  These solutions will be delivered in a simple way to the individual.
  • Personality Masteries has been referred to by many thought leaders around the world as the most comprehensive, yet simple to understand personality assessment.  LMI holds many of the copyrights to this system and the advanced algorithms which is the engine to helping individuals discover solutions to their challenges / problems and understand how to quickly change.
  • Library of Natural Laws – There are hundreds of Natural Laws which have been documented and are delivered in short six minute segments.  Because the segments are short, people can quickly access a Natural Law, understand it and then apply it to making the changes in how they think, which will change how they act, which will change the results they achieve . . . i.e. solve their biggest challenge.
  • Mastermind Seminars & Coffee Connections – Groups of people getting together to solve individual and community challenges / problems through Community / Business Partnerships.  These are both free events for business owners / professionals to connect with community based organizations to raise awareness and funding for great causes AND grow business opportunities all at the same time.

The Challenge . . . is that this library has become so extensive that it can be very challenging for people to know how to best find the solution to their biggest challenges / problem.

The Solution . . . is to create a mobile app that is so powerful and easy to use that all individuals have to do is type in their biggest challenge / problem and the app will seek out all the possible solutions and then match the best solution, based on their individual’s personality, to the individual problem.

The foundation of the solutions is Personality Masteries and the 65,536 possible combinations of personalities to help match the best solution to the individual. network of mastermind groups have discovered hundreds of Natural Laws.  Natural Laws are true regardless of who you are and where you live.  Laws, like the law of gravity, apply equally to every single person in the world . . . all seven plus billion of us . . . and we’re all connected together.

What’s tricky is due to the massive numbers of combinations of personalities within each one of us and the combinations of hundreds of natural laws as it applies to our own challenge / problem.  It is challenging to help each personality type to understand their own problem, from their unique personality perspective and how a natural law applies in the most effective way to solve their biggest challenge / problem. – Where much of the IP is located.

Time Table

As contributions come in specific parts of the project will be work on.  Consistent updates will be provided and contributors will be actively involved in the design, development, testing and role out of the final app.

Phase 1 – Personality Assessment & Natural Law Application

Create a simple mobile app which will capture and organize data into a central database application.

Provide the individual a detailed assessment of their own personality based on the Geo Test as well as Pain Quadrant Test.

Recommend the three top Natural Laws which will help individual to start to take action on solving their own biggest challenge.

Deliver the solutions in small bit size pieces, over time, in a way that individuals will not be overwhelmed and will be able to follow through.

System will track all data and provide individual online access to their own data and recommended solutions.

The Need - $11,500


If you, your organization and/or your company would like to be recognized for your contribution we will do that.  If you would prefer to be anonymous we will honor that as well.

Up to $10 – Listing of your name in the credits for being a part of the team.  Customized personality assessment.

$50 – Be the first to have all the new technology as it comes out.  You will have things to use and share with your friends 30 to 90 days before released to the general public.

$100 – One on one phone personality review and problem solution session with one of our volunteers and certified mentors within the network.  You will see, first hand, through a live human being, what the next generation of systems will eventually be able to do through the technology.

$500 – Strategy session for group of people to consider how to improve the relationships within a small group, (10 or less people) how the personality of each member in the group affects the overall challenges faced by the group.

$1,000 – One on one phone conversation with volunteer / certified Life Vision consultant to assist you discover your own Life Vision and then determine how this mobile app would assist you in pursuing your dreams and goals.

$2,500 – Interview with system designers to capture your IP - intellectual property (wisdom, experience and insights.)  Integrate your IP into solutions which would be given to people around the world through the mobile app.

$5,000 – Custom strategy plan created for community or business organization leader on how to use the individual challenges and personalities from within the team to better achieve the overall vision of the team.

$10,000 – Select a targeted group of people you would like to assist and then work with the designers of the system to create customized parts within the application to meet the needs for that targeted group of people.

$25,000 – Imagine having your entire team assessed personality and biggest challenge wise and then based on the massive IP library discover solutions which will help the team perform in a much productive manner.  A plan and then assistance in following through with that plan to assist the organization better understand how to leverage individual’s challenges and personalities to provide insights to leaders as to how to blend those into a solution which will help the employee as well as the company / organization become more profitable.

$50,000 and UP – This level is designed for those individuals and organizations who have the means to see the vision of changing the world in which we live.  You will be assigned a marketing team to market to specific individuals you would like to see value brought to.

It could be inner city children / families, specific ethnic groups, or people in a specific demographic.  We encourage you to be creative with who you would like to reach.

For community based organization and businesses we encourage you to be apply the Natural Law of “Selfish Selflessness.”  Look at this as not a gift but as an investment to where you will earn three to ten times this back in return.  You may use this to create new clients, bring value to current clients, or create client for life relationships.

You will be on the cutting edge of the self monetization model which will continue to generate ongoing funding to reach the world with unique, innovative and customized solutions to help change the lives of those who are touched.

You will be actively involved, if you wish, in where your money is invested to impact the lives of others.

Phase 2 – Connection To Others In The Network

Napoleon Hill said “Whatever the MIND can CONCIEVE and BELIEVE it can ACHIEVE.”  He also discovered that the greatest men of his day, the wealthiest, the most connected, the most successful all are networked together through masterminds.  Imagine . . . being connected to the solutions of those around us and others helping us to solve your challenges / problems.

Building an opt-in network of masterminds where we will help one another solve our biggest challenges, celebrate our WINS together, look into our “loses” and discover together why things do and do not work.

Will connect us to one another, our wisdom, our networks, our resources to create WIN WIN WIN for all those involved.

Will map out all our personalities as a mastermind group instantly and show us how we can bring our gifts and talents together for the mutual benefit of all those involved.

The Need - $29,000

Phase 3 – Accountability & Follow Through

Imagine . . . having solutions which were presented to us specifically in our own personality.

In this phase, the technology becomes our personal coach, mentor and accountability partner.  Will know our personality, what we like, what we don’t, what motivates us and how to best hold us accountable to do the things that we must do to achieve our full potential, i.e. our Life Vision.

Will track all the recommendations made to solve our biggest challenges AND what actions we have preformed AND the results we have achieved as a result of following through.

When we get stuck, the heart of the system will analyze our personality and search out the network for others with similar personality and challenges.  App will either connect us directly if we and others choose to connect or will the process and who they were able to solve the problem, the challenges that we are stuck on.  Will help us to understand why others have succeeded and help us understand to follow a similar map of success.

The Need - $36,000

Phase 4 – Profitable Community / Business Partnerships

We will develop a model where this will be not only self sustaining but will also generate contributions which will continue to develop new capabilities to change the lives of people, families, community based organizations and businesses around the world.

In this phase we will build out the ability to match products and services which connect with the individual’s needs, values and beliefs.  Connecting to like minded people and organizations can be hard to do.  By supporting those organizations and companies that share our value and belief system we not only solve our own problems but achieve our goals and promote out values and world view around the world.

Through viral community marketing businesses / organizations could bring value to the community and promote their product / services all while bringing value to those within the community.

Develop algorithms which would identify individuals who are might be most interested in products / services and present solutions in a way that create a positive experience for every.  Reduce costs for lead generation and increase conversation rates.

Presenting solutions / insights to individuals based on their biggest challenges and their personality to increase the effectiveness of individuals who actually follow through with a solution.

Automated smart system for following through with individuals to assist them see the personal benefits to them of following through with a solution.

Automated smart systems to follow through with individuals to insure the quality of the solution, obtain feedback for businesses for improvement, testimonies, rating of service and referrals to others they may know.

The Need - $63,000

Long Term

The long term online development and maintenance of this system to impact people all around the world will come from contributions from those who have been impacted by the solutions and through businesses and community based organizations who believe in community and business partnerships.

We believe that individuals and families who have been impacted through changed lives and relationships will generously give back to maintain the app and all the technology and IP that will continue to develop the app.

Community and businesses will make contributions to the system to continue to enhance and maintain the system.  A part of the contributions they make will also be used to support local, regional, national and international causes.


Contribution Note

If you have programming skills, web development, design, marketing, graphic design, sales, leadership . . . or when we think of it, really any skills where you would like to make a “In Kind” contribution we would love to welcome you to our extensive volunteer list.  You will be recognized at the “Reward Level” for your “In Kind” contribution.


Group Fundraising Leader

We are looking for fundraising leaders.  There are a number of benefits to becoming a leader and special resources to assist you in achieving your own personal and professional goals through this unique opportunity.  

For additional information please call toll free:  888.230.2300  ext. 222


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