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Mobility Outreach International

Mobility Outreach International
CROWDRISE : Oct 01, 2010
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BASED: Seattle, WA, United States


Mobility Outreach Internatio...

Mobility Outreach Int'l

We promote mobility in under-resourced areas of the world | #allkidswalk

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What We Do


Mobility Outreach International (MOi) promotes mobility in under-resourced areas of the world, serving over 23,000 adults and children impacted by limb loss and deformity. Through our global programs and partnerships, MOi provides corrective treatment to children with clubfoot, as well as prosthetic and orthotic services (P&O), physical rehabilitation, advocacy, and orthopedic surgical outreach to adults and children (OS). Locally-owned and operated, MOi-assisted Mobility Repair Centers (MRCs) bring much-needed services to remote locations, benefiting the economy and establishing businesses for in-country entrepreneurs, often former MOi beneficiaries.


Where We Are


MOi currently operates programs in Sierra Leone (clubfoot, MRCs), Haiti (clubfoot, P&O, MRCs), Vietnam (clubfoot, OS), has transitioned to a support role in Bangladesh, and a new program is being implemented later this year in Senegal (clubfoot). 


Our Programs


Clubfoot Program  |  #allkidswalk


In partnership with local hospitals or clinics in each country, MOi assists with the training of doctors, nurses, therapists, and orthopedic technicians in the Ponseti method, and supports local material sourcing and manufacturing of the foot abduction braces that are essential to the treatment’s success. MOi regularly monitors the quality of the treatment techniques being implemented, and assists local community counselors who educate new parents about the treatment. MOi is also a member of the Global Clubfoot Initiatve (GCI), a group of organizations whose common goal is a world without disability caused by clubfoot, through advocacy, education, and collaboration. 


As MOi transitions out of a program in one country, we look to expand to new areas where our services and model of sustainability have been requested. This year, MOi will begin a collaborative project to establish a new clubfoot program in Senegal, West Africa. Based on population, there are approximately 500 children born there each year with clubfoot, a condition for which there is currently little treatment in Senegal.


Prosthetics & Orthotics Program


Being able to walk offers independence and a better quality of life. The mission of MOi founder Dr. Ernest Burgess was to assist developing countries with the skills and tools needed for treating and empowering the physically disabled to become more independent.


To ensure lifelong mobility, it is essential that each country have the necessary resources — skilled technicians, durable materials, and basic rehabilitation products — in order to provide regular treatment services. At MOi, we focus on building one permanent clinic and workshop facility equipped with locally-sourced materials and tools to ensure sustainability.


Building on the success of a sustainable Prosthetics and Orthotics program in Vietnam, and most recently in Sierra Leone, MOi continues to establish new programs throughout the world. We are proud to report that after ten years, the P&O Program in Sierra Leone reached a sustainable level and in 2016 was transitioned to a local government hospital.


Mobility Repair Center Program


Several years ago, contributions from MOi donors were used to provide a vehicle for local medical and rehabilitation staff to conduct clinical and repair service outreach in remote provinces in Northern Vietnam.


Monitoring and evaluation of the program revealed that many of the services provided were simple repairs or replacements of worn out components. In response to this need, MOi initiated a Mobility Repair Center (MRC) program — a network of small businesses offering repair services and replacement parts. MOi assists with the construction of small workshops on privately-owned land, and offers technical and repair training. To date, four MRCs have been built, and construction of permanent facilities for the other four (to replace rented workshops) is expected to be completed before the end of 2017.


Orthopedic Surgery Program


MOi founder Dr. Ernest Burgess recognized the benefit of establishing a cross-functional, integrated orthopedic treatment team — surgeon(s), prosthetist/orthotist, physical therapist, and patient — to promote the best possible outcome for the patient. He promoted this team concept throughout his career, both for its demonstrated impact on patients’ mobility, as well as its being a key factor in a patient’s successful integration within their community. 


Beginning in Vietnam in the early 1990s, orthopedic surgeon-volunteers from Seattle began performing in-country surgeries and trainings. In 2001, MOi partnered with the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) in sponsoring a month-long series of orthopedic surgeries and a weekend conference during which scientific papers were shared with their Vietnamese counterparts. The partnership is now in its sixteenth year. 


Through the generous donation of their time and expertise, MOi Board members Dr. Robert G. Veith and Dr. Mark Dales, have changed the lives of hundreds of orthopedic patients in Vietnam. They are also credited with identifying the need to implement an in-country Ponseti clubfoot treatment program.


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Mobility Outreach International

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