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The mission of is to empower and invest in Millennials to create and implement solutions to social problems. was founded in 2002 on the campus of UC Berkeley by a group of students fighting rising tuition on their campus. Over the past decade, we have grown from a group of ten students on one campus to a national movement with tens of thousands of Millennials in every state.

Over these ten years, has developed our three-pronged program model; convene, invest and train, with the input of tens of thousands of Millennials across the country. convenes Millennials to discuss the issues most important to them, provides an opportunity to work collaborative to propose solutions to those issues and challenges, and then invests in groups of Millennials (both with our financial, and leadership resources) as they work to implement those solutions across the country. seeks to redefine what it means to be civically engaged, helping to create a culture of community problem solving that is inclusive of all voices and ideas, utilizes all available resources, while trusting in the wisdom of “Millennial crowds” to choose solutions that will have the greatest impact in communities around our country. To meet this goal, seeks to engage all Millennials, not just those who are already leaders on the campuses and in their communities, and in turn help all Millennials find their voice and recognize their ability to impact their own community and our nation.