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Mollys House Inc

Molly's House isn't just a hospitality house. Molly's House is a safe and comfortable refuge for families going through a medical crisis. Tax ID 65-0407242


Molly’s House is the dream project of a young girl named Molly Sharkey. Molly was twelve years old when she was diagnosed with chronic myelocytic leukemia. In the next six years, Molly and her family virtually traveled the country trying to find treatment for her rare type of leukemia. In some cities they were lucky to find a Ronald McDonald House where the family could stay and be close to Molly in the hospital. In other cities there was no where convenient for the family to stay.

This experience is what prompted Molly’s dream of building a house. Molly died in May of 1992 at the age of 18, but left behind her journal filled with her ideas of building Molly’s House.

Thanks to the support of our incredible community, Molly’s dream has been realized.  Molly's House is a three story Victorian style house built to Molly’s specifications located in the charming downtown area of Stuart, Florida. It has a wrap-around porch, spiral staircase, flower beds and lots of windows. The main features of the house are: 11,000 square feet with two family suites, twelve bedrooms with private baths, two kitchens, a chapel, a library, a laundry room, lounge area and large front and back porches. The house is located just three blocks west of Martin Memorial Medical Center and close to downtown Stuart.

Molly’s House was built by generous contributions from the local community. Outside of the costs for the land and foundation, everything was donated and built by local businesses.  Our grand opening was held on September 21, 1996 to celebrate what would have been Molly’s 23rd birthday and the beginning of a dream come true.

Since that day, Molly's House has been able to provide a home away from home for almost 22,000 people.  We also provide an incredible Caregiver Respite program, the only one if it's kind in our area.  We hire a professional  to tend to the needs of the loved one so we bring the Caregiver to Molly's House for a quiet, relaxing stay for up to 4 days.  We give them rest, support, and we treat them to experiences to include dining, museums, spa treatments, and more all free of cost to the caregiver.

Molly's House does so much for so many and it all began with a girl with a dream.

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