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"Mom & dad; Time to retire! Love you both!"

Organized by: Jeremy Hutchins

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My fathers name is Claude, he lives in a house he built with my Mother, Cynthia and a dog named Apples. His three children me, Jeremy, and my two sisters Jess and Jamie live on the land as well, I in the main house and my sisters have small houses near the main, it's very cute. My parents grew up in rural NH, my father worked in a saw mill as a child. He would catch the cut logs And boards as they went through the Saw. He hated it, or so he says, his father was his Sawyer. My dad related to me one day as we went to a small saw mill he now owns half of, " I hated catching the boards as they left the saw, I asked if I could be the sawyer, your grandfather said "you think you can?" I said, well, let me try, if you come back and I'm dead, I guess I can't" so, at 12 years old, my father learned how to run a saw mill that which the saw blade, if I'm not mistaken was 48 inches. Meanwhile, my mother, wasn't allowed to leave her house, that story may not be meant to be told just yet. When my father was thirty, he quit his job as a carpenter, he was all but an ended tired servant. I'm not sure what he was thinking being he had three kids and a wife and was building a house. It was told to me that the man he worked for made a deal and then deliberately broke it, this is a common theme in dad's life, people under estimate the mans resolve. 1990 or so, a development job was hiring labor in Keene, NH, my dad who just missed graduating high school, worked for his father into his late twenties and then was a laborer for, not the greatest of bosses went to get a job there. The obstacle this time was a bit like the sawmill I mentioned, instead of a lever system, a carriage and a 48 inch circular saw and rolling logs with a can't hook, logs of hundreds of pounds and being a twelve year old boy at the time, the hitch to this job for dad was reading blueprints. He, my father, hadn't seen a blue print, he was the hammer so to speak, he isn't illiterate however reading wasn't anything he participated in, through a friend I believe my father got his hands on a set of floor plans and learned to read them in his truck as he drove on the way to the worksite. It's an 11 minute drive and this was before texting. This is long winded, he got the job and it took him 3/4 of the way around the world he told me, now, projects, ideas and hunting and building furniture and all these things him and I talk about seem to be just a decision away, he is 62, my mother is 59 and there lives are wonderful, however, I, selfishly enough, ask you to help fullfill their son's dream and raise money with me so they can, pay the taxes they owe on there land and house, pay off what ever little septa they have, and set them off to retire, here, where they live in there house in NH. Oh and they mentioned something about a trip to Alaska and to Florida too. These two have done enough and would give the shirt off their backs and their last sip of coffee to a person in need I beleive they have given Enough, would you please help me? P.s. I'm more then willing to fill in any details any one is curious about, and yeah... They have no idea I'm doing this or this site exists. Thank you and any consideration helps and I'm grateful to all of you and Tyler Dirden for making all this plea the possible.


Organized by

Jeremy Hutchins

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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