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My mom is in the hospital and has had open heart surgery and now had a stroke from the blood clots that formed after surgery. I am ashamed to say that my mom and dad literally live in an Eagle building that they have turned into a living room/bedroom. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a storage building. I have an aneurysm and cannot work so I cannot afford to help them. Since mom has been in the hospital their only vehicle broke down and now they are in memphis st Francis hospital and my dad has never left her side. I saw this site on tv and thought I would give it a try. My mom has been in the hospital since oct. 22 2010 and it has drained all our funds. Now I have 2 problems: 1 finding a cheap decent vehicle for my dad to be able to get around in and eventually take my mom home in so it needs to be something that could hold a wheelchair and my mom. And I need to try and fix their home. They have no water or sewer only electricity. I know that is hard to believe but it is true. They have a trailer on their property that was hit by a tornado which ripped off the roof and another very small trailer that needs floors. I thought I might could figure out how to take all the buildings to make one decent place to live but I can't do the work by myself and can't get anyone to help. Maybe I don't know who to ask but I am starting here. I can provide proof of what i am saying if anyone wants to help. I know there are a lot of people out there that try to rip you off. I don't know what to do about there house because they need running water and septic and she will need ramps and a room that is big enough to put a hospital bed and wheel chair in. The barn they are living in now is 12 x 24 the whole thing. If you can't help but know someone that can please tell them about this. My mom is the most loving christain women you could ever meet and I hate that she is spending her last days like this. I thought about extreme makeover but haven't been able to figure out how to contact them. Maybe if you just have a vehicle you could donate for now would be a big help. My mom lives in Camden TN 250 heather lane. If you google it you will see they live out in the woods. And most of the people out there have no running water. We have people right here in America that need help that are actually to proud to ask. I am asking because I love my mother and I swore she would never have to go to a nursing home. I have to do everything I can to try and prevent this even beg. If there is anyone in the Camden area that could donate digging a well or septic tank, a decent trailer, a vehicle, or anyone out there can can send money please contact me. If you ever really wanted to help someone and truly make a difference here is your chance.



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Gloria is working on selecting a charity so you can support Mom.