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Momentum Global Inc

Momentum Global Inc
CROWDRISE : Sep 06, 2017
Tax ID: 47-3678383
BASED: Hghlnds Ranch, CO, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: www.Momentum.Global

Momentum Global Inc


Momentum Global & the Student Led Movement "SHIFT" want to unite with you to STOP Child Trafficking Locally & Globally!

This Student Led / Adult Empowered Movement is working to bring awareness and a call to action within the community to fight child trafficking, they subscribe to the adage "Evil Happens When Good People Do Nothing".

A collaboration with Law Enforcement, Business Leaders and Experts in the field bring many elements together with one aim: EMPOWER TO PREVENT.  

SHIFT from Awareness to Action by providing tangible ways for people to personally take a stand against human-trafficking locally and globally today. 

The SHIFT Movement started when a small team of students traveled to the slums of India to serve the poorest of the poor.  They saw how poverty can create a hopelessness and how many who can't speak for themselves are enslaved.  They saw the face of child trafficking and it wrecked their hearts. Upon their return home these students soon realized that child trafficking was here in their own backyard.  

The students realized the urgent need to sound the alarm, but felt that "What can we do... we're only students?"  Their teacher (and Momentum Global founder) John DeYoung, challenged the students to "Go Ahead and Try".  So 6 students from the school created the first SHIFT Conference which drew a standing room only crowd.  Now in it's 3rd year, thousands have heard the message of SHIFT and the leadership and volunteers has grown.  Their upcoming February 2018 Concert and Conference is expected to have over 20 schools represented and thousands attend their Conference with the intention to "SHIFT from Awareness to Action"!

SHIFT Goals:

  • Educate Parents and Youth about Child Trafficking - Warning signs, How to prevent falling victim and How to help if someone is trafficked.
  • Create a 24 hour student facilitated hotline
  • Raise funding towards a new housing / educational project that specifically addresses the unique needs of rescued victims.

Momentum Global is the parent 501c3 non-profit of the SHIFT Movement.  In addition to the U.S. focus with SHIFT, they are equally as passionate to help the poor and marginalized across the globe. 

Our team in India has dedicated their lives to serving "The Least of These" working tirelessly in the slums of Kolkata, alongside the impoverished and oppressed, helping to restore dignity and to Change Lives!

Schools for children, feeding programs, medical mission's trips, sustainable business practices and much more are combined with the biggest hearts and most dedicated hands to MAKE AN IMPACT!  We invite you to join us, travel with us, support us and Be the Momentum For Change!





Tax ID: 47-3678383 • www.Momentum.Global


SHIFT Freedom Conference

SHIFT Freedom Conference

Amount Raised:



21% Raised of $30,000 Goal